25 mg CBD Softgels, 30 count


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Not all CBD softgels are created equal. Our standard CBD softgels deliver CBD in the form of water soluble emulsion droplets. Through emulsion droplets, our softgels are much more bioavailable, which leads to greater absorption into the bloodstream than traditional CBD softgels. Unlike our Melatonin CBD Softgels, this product is suitable for use morning, day, or night. Perfectly measured in 25 mg softgels, you can easily find the correct dosage that suits your needs.

We understand that you want to be certain that you are buying a product that is not only high quality but will consistently deliver the results you need to make you perform your best the next day. For this reason, we have brought this organically grown hemp product to market.

CBD supplementation is a tool used by many people to help them tackle the multitude of obstacles life brings. Having a reliably measured dosage of CBD in the form of a 25 mg softgel makes this product a great addition to your daily regimen.

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About this brand

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Louisville CBD Company
When the team at Louisville CBD Company was formed, we firmly aligned on a simple mission: help others achieve their greatest potential in life. All of our products are derived from 100% USA organically grown hemp through a unique process that renders a CBD oil that is THC free but is still rich in desired phytocannabinoids. Our products are formulated to provide you with an edge on accomplishing your goals. We stand behind our products and the belief that through supplementing with our CBD, you will be better suited to take on life’s many challenges.

More than being a company that sells CBD, LOU CBD is invested in the total wellbeing of our customers and our community. As stated above, our mission is not about selling CBD products. We want to give you the tools and resources to make the most out of every day. Our premium CBD products are one of many tools we personally use to maximize our health and wellbeing but like any tool, you need to make sure you have the right tool for the job.

Unlike many other CBD and supplement companies, we do not claim our products to be cure-alls. We do, however, believe that there is a lot of very exciting research being done on the potential of phytocannabinoids to treat and manage numerous conditions. For more information about these findings and how you can use our products, please check out our latest educational and lifestyle resources.

Lou CBD hopes to create a culture of health and wellbeing, which is why we’ve partnered with New Roots, a Louisville, KY-based nonprofit dedicated to uniting communities to spread food justice. New Roots and Lou CBD share a common belief that natural food is a cornerstone of good health and that everyone should have access to fresh food. Because we strongly believe in giving back to our community, Lou CBD has pledged to donate 5% of our profits to New Roots, so that they can continue to help food insecure neighborhoods.
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