COCONUT OIL Cooking Edible or Topical Oil 1,000mg Jar


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Madame Munchie's Coconut Oil. A jar filled to the brim with coconut oil, infused with 1,000 mg THC, for edible and / or topical use.

VEGAN, SUGAR FREE, DAIRY FREE - the ultimate special ingredient for your DIY edibles - the secret sauce weapon for your massages...

With 100 mg of THC per teaspoon, for a total of 1,000mg THC in every jar, it should be kept in the freezer, and refrigerated after opening.

Serving suggestion: Remove from freezer, allow to thaw to room temperature and stir before using.

Madame Munchie Coconut Oil pairs well with Cookie Monster Box or Divorce Cake for thoughtful gifts, and as always with Fleur to help get the party started!

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Madame Munchie
Madame Munchie is a multi-award winning edible manufacturer founded in 2014. We combine the gourmet quality of French pastries with only the best, natural, locally sourced California ingredients and sustainable, sungrown cannabis. Each handcrafted batch of our 50/50 hybrid blend cannabis butter is lab tested for potency, purity and consistent dosage levels. We are bringing artisanal quality from our farm to your table.
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