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This genetic trio created something that is truly out of this world. From the sparkly trichomes that make the bud look like a snow cone, right down to the beautifully pungent aromas. This is a sativa dominant strain that will take over your mind leaving you focused and energized. Your thoughts might start floating deep into outer space!

About this strain

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About this brand

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Meraki Gardens
We are a Female owned and Family operated indoor garden. We have a passion for organic cultivation and we are proud to be clean green certified and Kosher certified. Being mindful of the environment and our impact that it has on the Earth is apart of our everyday practice. We focus on sustainable growing practices and finding ways to lower our carbon footprint. Ensuring that you feel good about consuming Meraki Flower. We cater to each and every plant giving it the same amount of love and attention, leaving you high with good vibrations and an experience you wont forget.


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