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Scoop (Long Handle Dabber) is the next logical expansion of the extremely popular Mystic Timber® pocket Scoop. Customers have been requesting a Scoop with the 3.5” long handle. We promised we would make them available and the time has come! The Long Handled Scoop is HERE!

The Scoop (formerly called “SauceScoop”) has all the capabilities of our pocket Scoop (formerly called “SauceSpoon) but on the popular 3.5″ long handle. It’s great for dealing with all consistencies, particularly diamonds and sauce.

Get ready to hunt for diamonds! The Scoop is perfect for diving into Sauce Jars, and the wide foundation of the scoop’s titanium terp trough will catch-and-carry all that sweet, sweet nectar. How much sauce could a Mystic Timber Scoop scoop, if a Long Scoop could scoop sauce? Let’s find out!

Thick concentrate? Just lightly press the back of the T2 Titanium Scoop against the interior your hot banger, and watch it melt right off like snow off a roof.

The wooden handle of every Scoop is handcrafted of natural North American and Exotic hardwoods. Your choice of: Maple, Padauk, Purpleheart, Wenge, Walnut, or Zebrawood.

It is beveled and double buffed with a non-toxic proprietary wax to a lustrous shine by artisans in the Mystic Timber Wood Shop in New Jersey. No two are exactly alike.

It’s the perfect accessory for any sophisticated collector to take on their bigger journeys.

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About this brand

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Mystic Timber®
Mystic Timber® wooden handled dabbers and roach clips offer the most ergonomic and functional 710 or 420 sesh experience.

What’s the Mystic Timber® difference? Our customers know our tools as affordable luxury items- functional art pieces that you want to use and collect. All of our tools lie flat on a table, don’t roll away, and because the tool tips don’t touch the table, your concentrates will remain on your dabber rather than falling onto your floor or tabletop. Simple but revolutionary.

Mystic Timber® hardwood handles are handmade and designed in your choice of 2 lengths (2.5” Pocket or 3.5” Long), and in your preference of 6 distinct natural North American and exotic Hardwoods.

Our handles feature our octagonal side bevels and finger dips for the ultimate lightweight, easy to handle feel and comfortable grip. Double waxed and buffed with a proprietary nontoxic wax to an eye candy finish- these tools are a marvel to be held, and to behold.

Made from the gold standard of metals- every dabber tooltip is made from T2 titanium, and you can choose from 4 distinct proprietary tips (blade, scoop, shovel and pic) - all of your concentrate needs are covered! Our roach clips are made from nickel plated stainless steel and come in 3 different sizes to handle any size smoking circle.

As a family-owned business, service and quality are important to us. Feel free to contact Mystic Timber customer service any time—we’re here to help and look forward to hearing from you.

Mystic Timber® - The Original Handcrafted Wood Handled Dabbers & Roach Clips | Est. 2010
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