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This long sought after phenotype of the sativa AK-47, Cherry AK is known for its sweet Cherry nose and spicy taste upon exhalation. Upon opening a jar, users will find large buds covered in frosty white trichomes. Popular for those consuming during the day, its strong cerebral effects will get consumers buzzing and focused. Stimulating and uplifting, this strain is great for reading and creative projects.

This strain is a rare cherry phenotype of AK-47. With its reddish-purple characteristics and cherry aroma, it's no wonder how Cherry AK-47 got its name. The buds have gold coloring with lime-green leaves layered with trichome heads. This strain's flavors are described as smooth cherry with a creamy sandalwood aftertaste.

About this strain

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  • CA, US: CCL18-0000943
  • CA, US: C11-0000300-LIC
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