Strawberry G 2:1 CBD Private Reserve Flower 3.5g -Sunrise Mountain Farms

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TOTAL Cannabinoids: 26% | THC: 7% | CBD: 15% | 1.8% Terpenes
TASTE: Strawberry, Jasmine, Woody
FEEL: Balanced, Calm, Uplifted, Clear Headed, Mellow
LINEAGE: Strawberry Mind Wrap x Godfather

Strawberry Godfather or 'Strawberry G', as we call our Sunrise Mountain variety, is a great way to experience the relief of CBD flower. Providing a mild high with optimal relief from daily anxiety and stress with pleasant subtle berry flavor.

With traits from Strawberry Cough Mendo cut, Grand Daddy Purple and L.A. Confidential these plants are literally rainbows of color in the fall !

A following of customers really like this strain for their curative needs due to the well-balanced therapeutic ratio that hovers near 2:1. The lower THC content is great for use anytime. Medicinal restorative effect without much psychoactive high effect. This flower provides just enough to smooth the edges but still be effective. Noted to induce enhanced focus and creativity. Provides optimal relief from anxiety and stress.

CBD flower is great for relaxing, unwinding and overall "re-setting" your system. Strawberry Godfather does just that. This strain is a must have on the shelf for parents and students ! Satiate your cannabinoid craving while remaining present with your day. Eases tension, relieves anxiety and soothes convulsions as well as general balancing of the bodies systems.


About this strain

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Sunrise Mountain Farms
Founded and operated by a husband and wife team, Sunrise Mountain Farms embodies the dream of raising a family and creating potent medicine with the principles of land stewardship in balance and harmony with nature. As a legacy cannabis farm in the mountains of Humboldt County, we value healthy living by sustainably producing the highest quality craft cannabis for your enjoyment and well being.

Estate grown at an elevation of 2,500’ with lush, forested wilderness surrounding. Our regenerative and science based farming practices build a foundation of wellness from the ground up. We start with the soil. Feeding and growing a robust microbial network that encourages our plants to exude cannabinoids and terpene expressions reflective of our terroir and distinct growing style. Plants root into vital soil, drink pure mountain spring water, and see the sunrise every morning. Our nutrient recipes enhance the natural expression of the cannabinoids and terpenes of the cannabis plant. For the full potential of each plant to be realized, each one is thoughtfully and lovingly tended to by our dedicated and passionate team. The combination of these factors has resulted in our flowers and concentrates winning awards for years. Not only are we producing some of the highest quality sun grown flowers, but we feel great knowing that conscious farming contributes to a sustainable future for our planet.

All of our products are solventless, and full-spectrum providing maximum entourage effects for optimal health benefits. Small batch and hand crafted, we never use anything artificial. Try it yourself and feel the difference of what real craft cannabis is. Breathe in Humboldt.
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