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The Terphogz™ are a renowned cannabis breeding group from Mendocino County, California responsible for the famous Zkittlez variety of cannabis which has a unique terpene profile making it highly sought after for breeding and cultivation. Terphogz, LLC owns a deep genetics library (Terphogz Geneticz) that is well-known worldwide for its diversity and includes classic varieties such as Zmoothie, Z3, and Hindu Zkittlez, as well as the “new-new” like Melon Brains, Zlushi and Blooberry Z.

“The Original Z” product-line typically commands 20% or greater pricing premiums over similar products in the market. Terphogz brand value and recognition for creating top tier cannabis products places the brand on top shelves alongside industry leaders such as Cookies and Connected. Founders of the Terphogz/Original Z brand, Green R. Fieldz and Tony Mendocino, are known worldwide for their legacy of genetics, smart branding and co-pioneering the modern-day cannabis movement alongside other industry giants.

Terphogz™ has over 200,000 followers on social media and continues to set the bar with industry firsts such as the “Terpcuzzi”, a simple device for keeping hash rosin cold on the way home from dispensaries. Having popularized the “collab” concept early-on, the brand continues to work with some of the top name extractors and cultivators in the game.

Terphogz™ and its genetic crosses are some of the most sought-after and desirable strains in the cannabis industry, and as such they have won many awards in multiple categories including numerous 1st places trophies at competitions such as Chalice, High Times, Secret Cup and The Emerald Cup.

Emerald Cup - 2nd Place - “Sugaree Live Resin” - HTC/Terphogz

Emerald Cup - 1st Place - “Zkittlez Live Resin” - HTC/Terphogz

Emerald Cup - 1st Place - “Zkittlez Sauce Pen” - FieldZ/Terp Hogz
Emerald Cup - 2nd Place - “Zkittles Premium Rosin” - FieldZ/Terp Hogz
Emerald Cup - 1st Place -”Zkittlez Cake Sauce”
The High Times “100 of 2018” - Green R. Fieldz / Zkittlez

High Times Seed Breeders Hall of Fame – Terp Hogz
Leafly – Top 100 Strains to try before you die - Zkittlez
Emerald Cup - “Highest total terpene content (solventless concentrate)”
Terp Hogz x Green R Fieldz “Zmoothie” – 12% total terpene content

Chalice -1st Place- “Zkittles Rosin” Terp Hogz
Emerald Cup - 1st Place - “Best strain: Zkittlez”
Emerald Cup -1st Place - “Best rosin concentrate: Hindu Z” - Terp Hogz

Secret Cup - Best Overall -1st Place - “Zkittlez Full Melt” - Terp Hogz

Terphogz™ Brand Collaborations

7L – Seven Leaves
Cold Fire Extracts
Humboldt Terp Council
Friendly Farms
West Coast Alchemy
F/ELD Extracts
Humboldt's Finest Raw and Uncut
Critical Concentrates
Honest Extracts
California's Finest
Nature's Lab

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  • CA, US: C11-00001056-LIC