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We've created the purest, highest quality products for your extracts, distillates, and concentrates. Our proprietary formulas aren't available anywhere else.

The perfect solution to thinning your concentrates with the perfect amount of Terpenes.

Our Highest Quality Terpenes are blended with World Class Liquidizer to create the best Terpene Flavored Liquidizer on the market today.

Shopping for quality strain-specific terpenes has never been easier. You can rest assured all products that carry the Terps USA name on them are made with the highest quality ingredients.

The top shelf terpenes used in our blends are just the beginning. The process of combining the perfect ratios to re-create the perfect taste and smell of specific strains is truly a mix of science and art.

There are many terpenes and strains on the market today. Terps USA confines our selection to only the strains that we can truly duplicate to provide you the consumer with the best product.

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