Banana Jack OG (Banana OG x Jack The Ripper)

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(Banana OG x Jack The Ripper)
• Sativa/Indica 60/40 • Harvest Window 60-70 days
•Huge Producer • Soaring visuals and Intense focus

Working with an incredibly Rare OG that wreaked of Bananas we knew he had stumbled upon something rare in the cannabis world. Combining with Pinene from the JTR with traces of the cannabinoid THC-v.

Strain Description:The smell is a light clean Banana smell with a slight sour smell and it is intoxicating . Colas are large, sticky and get extra frosty. Nodey-OG stacking appearance.The plants turned beautiful dark purple in the cold. Big yielder trichome heads are large and full of resin. Fat pronounced crystallized buds protrude from each cola like pieces of banana candy.
Colas are large, sticky and get extra frosty. Nodey-OG stacking appearance.

Phenotypes: Very little variation across a 10 pack with a heavy Banana scent.

Height: Medium 4-5 ft indoors

Harvest: Heavy / Indoor and Outdoor

Best way to grow: SCROG; SOG; *trellis recommended for heavy colas

Harvest: 60-70 days

Sat/Ind: 60/40

Hybrid: Sativa leaning

Taste: Clean banana terps

High Type: Potent, Heavy High, Soaring visuals and Intense focus

Banana terps proved hard to locate in my 30 years of Growing we found it!

About this strain

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