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Rest oral strips provide the best way to get to sleep at the end of a long day or even the short days. Rest strips act fast getting you to sleep faster and longer. Promoting healthy sleep cycles without any harmful side effects to your hormone levels. Rest strips allow you to drift into peaceful sleep, providing you with a refreshed and energized morning without grogginess.

REST formula includes:
Relaxing Chocolate Mint Flavored

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About this brand

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At ThinVitamins we always thought there was a better way of taking CBD. Tinctures were always confusing to a first-time user and carrying them around was the hardest part. We found that tinctures always leak and break really easily, not to mention how difficult it is to measure the correct dosage. Gummies came along and provided such an enjoyable way to take CBD. However they were also big and bulky to carry, and the worst part was leaving them in your car or having a pack in your pocket and they melt together. There was no product that was easy to take that we were able to carry with us everywhere. That is when we decided to try to make oral strips that didn’t break, leak, or melt. Oral strips are taken sublingually which makes them one of the highest bioavailable CBD product available. This allows you to feel the effects faster then tinctures and gummies. Oral strips are faster, smaller then a credit card, and give you exact dosage everytime. Experiance the future now.
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