ZAR 1200mg Isolate Peach Rings


About this product

This product is made from isolate CBD and does not contain any THC. This product is safe for those worried about a drug screen.

1200mg CBD Isolate/Jar. 30mg CBD Isolate/Gummy ring. 40 count jar.

Peach Flavored

Delicious gummy rings with 25mg CBD per ring. ZAR Anytime rings may help with daily aches and pains as well as stress relief/anxiety.

Dosing: Eat one gummy as needed, Can be used during the day.

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About this brand

Logo for the brand ZAR- Veterans Receive 22% Off!- 10% OFF With Code: LEAFLY
ZAR- Veterans Receive 22% Off!- 10% OFF With Code: LEAFLY
ZAR comes from a Persian word meaning “gold, rich in quality.” It’s also our first initials before our youngest, baby T, came on the scene - we will have to start another company for him. Z stands for our first born son’s name Zayn, A for Asad, and R for Razia. ZAR is a Texas born family/veteran/woman/minority run business supporting veterans. We are delighted to help our communities through our retail storefronts & online platforms. Every purchase allows us to spread the word about MISSION 22.

ZAR was born out of personal medical necessity. Asad was diagnosed with Chronic Insomnia in the Army, suffered for ten years before Canna Therapy saved his life. Razia dealt with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis for twenty years and was placed on numerous hard medications and biologics before Canna Therapy transformed her daily quality of life. Given that cannabis is a natural God given plant, we wanted to bring this therapy to everyone in the community, especially our veterans who are dealing with numerous mental and physical challenges daily.

Our highest priority is to produce the best quality products and make it as affordable as possible so everyone can benefit from all this goodness. Our 22% daily discount for our veterans is unmatched in the market, we’re getting close to giving $1.5 million in veteran discounts in a little over two years of being in business and we could not be prouder. We would love for everyone reading this to help us reach folks suffering from ailments such as anxiety, pain, sleep issues and depression, especially our veterans. ZAR is here to help not only with premium quality products at the most affordable prices but impeccable client service.

Our 2 sweet boys, Zayn and Tanveer, are our reason to strive to always be our best and give our all in everything we do.  Our hope is to set a lasting impression upon them so they understand the meaning of sacrifice and good will towards mankind. Our wish is to leave a legacy for them to see that hard work pays off and ultimately one individual can truly make impact.

Welcome to our ZAR FAM,

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