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2020 Solutions was among the first recreational retailers to open in the state of Washington. We focus on creating an experience that allows you to spend time with a professional, knowledgeable budtender. Our budtenders will guide you through the process, and offer suggestions to enhance your cannabis experience. We have a great selection of products, including vaporizers, and locally blown glass. Our premier product is our high quality selection of Washington grown marijuana. We partner with growers that are able to provide a consistent, high quality product to you, our customer. The feedback we receive from customers really says it all. Here is a small sample: "The shop is very modern and clean. The staff members are very friendly and professional." "2020 offers mature, comfortable and focused service that will answer your questions and meet your desires." " I was feeling pretty awkward because I had no idea what I was doing and only a slight idea of what I wanted. Your team was great! There was no pressure, just good information and friendly people."


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2020 Solutions - Recreational

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“If you only read one thing from this review know that Karry is super easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable right off the bat! I don't partake often, I personally don't always do well with some of the more popular strains but have been interested in trying some other types for pain. Awhile ago I got an email saying 2020 was bringing in some sprays that focus less on the high, today I was in a lot of pain and had a little extra money so I thought what the heck - I'll go see what they've got! Sadly they were out of what I was looking for but Karry was so personable that I felt comfortable asking her about other options. I should mention again that I don't often partake so I don't know much about much when it comes to this and in the past when what I was looking for wasn't available I would just say thanks and leave because I was too nervous to ask and look dumb. Karry made me feel like she was happy to help and any question I asked she would either answer or find an answer for me. I went in for one thing and ended up getting more than I initially went for because of how confident she made me feel. And she was not pushy at all - at one point I knew I was getting close to my budget and told her so and she was (again) super happy to help find something that worked well for me. This wasn't my first time visit but it was my first time going alone, my SO usually is the smoker and we smoke together on occasion, we had been to this location twice before - the first time was great and the second time was kind of awkward (although I don't remember exactly why, I think we just didn't know exactly what we wanted and the girl and us didn't quite jive). But something about the first time made me fall for the atmosphere or something. I've been to other stores but when I think of going out to buy some stuff or have friends that ask I always think of this store first, if they don't have what you're looking for chances are they'll have something else you'll like but even if you strike out there you'll at least leave in a good mood from all the good people. Thanks again Karry for helping me! The SO will be super happy with the picks for sharing I'm sure =D and mine will help with my pain!”

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Kjs03, we hope our products helped with your pain! Thank you for the wonderful, heartfelt review! We are blessed to have Karry on our team. She is exactly how we want all of our budtenders to be -- compassionate, a good listener and eager to help our customers. We hope you return, either with your SO or by yourself, and ask any question you want! Many people are like you, seeking information and learning about your options.

“Pablo was super helpful. Picked out awesome stuff for me. I even specifically bought more than I had planned just cause they were chill AF. 5/5 for the dude at the door who made a cheesy joke about my hair too.”

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We agree -- Pablo's great! Thanks so much for your review!


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