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“My Roseburg favorite. Good prices and really awesome employees. I'm a local and have been coming here since rec opened. But, its sad to see that the owner lady seems to have some issues. I've heard and seen this chick fly off about hackers and pummel a poor old handheld landline. Lol but other than the sometimes comically crazy, this place is still pretty awesome. ”

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“Best medical dispensary in Roseburg. The owners are incredibly polite and knowledgeable, if you walk in there and tell them you need something for depression or anxiety, they'll immediately start giving you recommendations on strains that'd help you, instead of giving you the usual 'you need a sativa or indica'. You can tell everyone knows what they're talking about but they don't do it in an arrogant way, they're just enthusiastic about cannabis (something I appreciate!) I especially appreciate the separate medical and recreational room. No offence meant to recreational users, y'all are cool, but I feel a lot more comfortable getting my medicine in private instead of getting my medicine next to a guy talking about how he wants to have fun. I also love that only one person is allowed in the room at a time, making the experience feel much more like you're going to a pharmacy to get medicine. This does mean there are longer wait times, but with the head shop in the entryway of the building, there's plenty of stuff to look at. I've bought edibles, flower, vapor, and oils here, and it's by far the highest quality product you can get in town.”

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