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Friendly staff and frosty buds, get your bag at Bud Hut!

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“Menu on Leafly is terribly organized.”

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“Big changes afoot at Bud Hut!! All new budtenders. New door guys too. Not really my first visit but sure seemed like it and Im treating this place like its brand new. Brand new people all around. I sorta liked the old Bud Hut but its been up and down...kind of fit in a bit too much with the neighborhood. Anyway they had XJ13 so I went there. I was a bit put off by the change and thought to myself uh oh....when I as(ed the budtender (who seemed almost a bit too professional....certainly for the old Bud Hut anyway) for XJ13 as I walked up to the preroll counter like I usually do after looking around a bit. Double uh oh when he says he doesnt think he has anyway. Guess I was kind of misleading since I was looking at prerolls when I asked him...lol..so I told him I was looking for flower. The place seems still a bit organized topsy turvy but he finally found me Noble Farms XJ13. I could go on and on...good XJ13. Left a happy camper, got home became an even happier camper. Seems like Im watching a Gordon Ramsey show or Undercover Boss show unfold. Defininitely plan on going back very soon if for nothing else than to see how it unfolds. ”

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