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“The location is awesome and the gentleman helping me was really nice but I have to admit, super disappointed. I was very specific with what I was looking for and just like half the budtenders out there- he pushed all the top shelf products for his benefit, not mine. Recommended CBD Girl Scout cookies which he swears is the best cbd/thc product supposedly based on his experience with it- well, it did nothing but give me heart palpitations al night. Then he also recommended big black indica by Moani, which not sure why but this product is a complete waste of money- no high but you get hang over the next day.. let’s just say I’m out (and stuck with) $90 worth of products and ZERO high or relief! One thing to actually recommend a top shelf brand as long as you know it’s actually worth it. But it seemed like he just wanted his sales count but knew nothing of the products. It might not matter for this shop, but this will unfortunately be my first and last buy from them. So disappointed. ”

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“all the bud I've ever gotten here sux, the wax is very low quality and I don't want to come back here. I hate the service here because they make you feel like you're just a sale and don't make your shopping enjoyable like other places.”

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