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Canna Provisions - Lee

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Budder | Chocolate Urkle by Smash Hits | 1g | Crispy Commission

THC 79.3%
CBD 0.3%
Budder | Chocolate Urkle by Smash Hits | 1g | Crispy Commission
1 gram
Canna Provisions - Lee
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|316.2 miles away

About this product

Crispy Commission has done it again! This batch of cured budder comes in 1g and 3.5g baller jars of top shelf craft cannabis concentrates. Cured Budder is a concentrate style that has a slightly firmer and very smooth butter-like texture. Chocolate Urkle is Smash Hits cannabis Hippy Slayer, Chocolate Peaches, and Urkle x Tres Dawg strains all combined into this limited edition small batch concentrate. Flavors: Melted milk chocolate and candied peaches, garlic and funky, old-school Afgooey flavor of earth, pine, and spice, and skunky sweet berry cereal with intense chemical citrus and flowing diesel gas

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