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We are a patient-centered cooperative focused on bringing access to a natural perspective of wellness through high quality medicinal cannabis, support groups, individual patient consultations, and a variety of other services. All services are included in membership with no additional fee. Please give us a call for more information, and don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook! @CBCBerkeley

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“Street parking sucks. They can’t handle their lines at all. Offers have even been made to help them handle them and they can’t even get it together to call people back! Product is pretty good. Have a good variety of edibles etc. Its rare that I get someone who I feel confident knows the answers to my questions. Pre-order online is a good idea. Have someone drop you off and circle if you are in a hurry! Seriously....parking sucks. ”

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“I have been a medical patient here for years, but since they have been serving adult non-medical customers, the service has deteriorated. They separate the lines from medical to recreational, which results in extremely long waits. I was there this morning, and the recreational line was moving quickly, but the medical line wasn't moving at all. Instead of calling a medical patient to the counter, they called and served five adult recreational patients while the medical patients waited in a line that did not move. I asked if I could move to the shorter line that was moving, but I was told by a security guard that I could not do that, in spite of the fact that I am an adult resident of California. When I finally reached the counter, they called me to the adult recreational line, so clearly they can take medical patients on that side of the store. It appears that CBCB is NOT interested in serving the medical community any more, and instead is focused on making money on the recreational side. I'd rather drive to the city. A simple solution would be to make one line and serve customers in the order they were received, but that apparently is too complicated for this place.”

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