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We are a patient-centered cooperative focused on bringing access to a natural perspective of wellness through high quality medicinal cannabis, support groups, individual patient consultations, and a variety of other services. All services are included in membership with no additional fee. Please give us a call for more information, and don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook! @CBCBerkeley

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“I really love the CBCB. It is modern and fully stocked. The prices are great and they often have specials. They give a preroll or edible for every fifty bucks purchased. The service is hit or miss. The security guys are quick to recognize you by face, and checking in is quick and easy. The check-in atmosphere is a bit rugged. Service is 90% hit, 10% miss. Nine times out of ten, the bud tender is quick to make recommendations, ask questions about personal preferences and experiences, and walk you through something if you only kind of know what you're talking about. The other one time out of ten, you get Shruggy McShruggerson shrugging his way through the transaction. The quality of bud hasn't let me down yet. They have everything. A great rotation, a great variety of methods to take cannabis, an organized menu, quality paraphernalia, and helpful bud tenders. Highly recommended for a visit.”

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“I usually pick CBCB when I'm in a rush but I also love the staff, the security and front desk remember familiar faces and I usually skip the hassle of checking in, any time I haven't been satisfied with a product, I've been able to exchange with no problem. ”

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