EverBloom - Rifle (Med)

EverBloom - Rifle (Med)

Rifle, CO
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July 29, 2019
I enjoy the new wax selection, the store is really turning around!!
December 20, 2020
I will be back
March 29, 2019
Nice place and vary good deals
July 31, 2021
Kevin, Chris and of course Tom are some awesome Budtenders.... The BEST product and prices!!!
March 6, 2022
Not a great place.
September 24, 2022
This place is awesome. Love the selection of flower and very good prices. Super cool people too
April 21, 2021
Gotta love that medical
February 20, 2021
DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS (OUTSIDE) COVER! LOCALS SECRET! If you are a Medical Marijuana patient on the Western Slope, the bottom line is: You will not find better prices!!! Their new management and staff are friendly and caring...I couldn't believe the difference in how I was treated compared to other local medical dispensaries in the area that act all rushy pants and put out to even serve folks since they're there for medicine, not "recreational" with spare money to "tip" for simply putting medicine in a jar...the other dispensaries use covid, anything, as an excuse to rush you out the door so they can RUN back over to the rec counter and resume kissing up to recreational customers for their tip jars and "sales goals" ... but I digress. TASTE BUDZ AND ROBHOTS GUMMIES AT EVERBLOOM ARE LIKE $25 CHEAPER AND THE SHIFT WAX MADE FROM THEIR OWN FLOWER IS AMAZING. I'm so thankful there still remains a LEGIT Medical Dispensary on the Slope, that truly cares about their patients/customers leaving happy and especially caring with regard to helping their dollars stretch for their medicine. The prices are amazing. Thank you Everbloom Rifle!