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“one of the better dispensary here in Fremont”

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“So I got denied at this place today because the year on my date of birth was smudged. The "19" in the year 1990 was smudged, but yet you could clearly see the 90 at the end, couldn't you just match that up with the "90" on my driver's license? It seems like being rude to your customers is a reoccurring thing at this establishment. I was also there a couple years ago and actually got kicked out by the same lady that denied my card because my brother- in- law was outside in the parking lot being loud. How come the actions of my brother-in-law affect whether or not I get medicine? Anyways rant over, there is a very rude and unprofessional budtender there who seems to not want my business or my plant counts. Being nice to your customers and cutting them a break WILL influence them to come back, being rude and WILL cause them to NEVER come back!”

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