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“Large selection of strains, pretty good bud. I bought a glass dabbing pipe for $20, after she told me it works with a normal lighter-no torch lighter needed. Bought a gram of blue dream wax to use on this dabber. Held the lighter there for a min until glass was black. wax just melted didn't vaporize at all. I call the next day and another girl says "Yea, those need a torch lighter". Still haven't used it.. total waste.. I asked if they had full melt bar, she didn't know what that was. Minimal knowledge of the top product market outside their shop. Nevertheless.. The worst about this dispensary is that let customers touch any of the buds. I picked up 1 gram of their top shelf. I don't want to smoke buds that have been touched by other customers. Dirty fingers knocking of your trichomes who knows how many times before you buy it. I was the only one shopping, she could have told me instead something like, 'we usually don't do this, but if you like the smell and how they look, you can go ahead and touch a bud if you would like to examine further'. Atleast leave me thinking the effort for a dispensary with all the regulations and all the hard work to get to that final product and high price is worth it. Turned off and won't be coming back! ”

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“They are Awesome! good prices and friendly”

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