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About 9 am-10 pm. Leafly List Top 10: May 2016 Green2Go Recreational Cannabis proudly serves adults ages 21+ with some of the world's finest cannabis, concentrates, edibles, and topicals. Please have your valid ID ready. (No vertical IDs accepted) Only persons at least 21 years of age or older are permitted on the property. **All prices include TAX.** Your purchase limit: 28 grams - Flower 7 grams - Concentrates 16 ounces - Edibles 72 ounces - Beverages


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Veteran Discount

Veteran's 10% off your entire order. Must have availed Military Identification with you to show to your budtender.

Must have a valid Military Identification with you.

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“where do I begin ... WORST experience in ANY shop I've ever visited on the entire west coast ...Valentines Day... and you got ZERO 1/2 ounces... ZERO full ounces... only WAY overpriced boutique... little 1/8's... this is Kennewick NOT Seattle ...spend ....lot's of $$$$ on signs telling you wher NOT to parlk...but NOT a single sign directing you where too park...enstead the door guy comes out yelling at folks... but still not directing traffic...just abusive... when asked about parking He's response is WAY less than polite or healpful... additionally never heard of a shop requiring my to remove my hat so there camera's can see me... seems stupid when EVERY employee is wearing a for the customer service.... NOT, no effort, no attempt , no apologies, no NOTHING... wouldn't recommend this place too my WORST ENEMY....avoid the place at any and all cost ... unless U enjoy being pissedOFF, and pissedON !!!!!”

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“I have always had a pretty good experience here, I come here at least once a week. Tonight’s experience has completely changed my feelings about this place. Drove all the way out there after a long day of work, got to the door at 9:57. I don’t usually come this late but there was a counter full of people still waiting and purchasing, the open sign was on. I walked up to the door and it was locked, and I made eye contact with an employee that gave a very annoyed look through the glass and motioned the number “10” at me and proceeded to ignore me while helping the other customers. Green2go is not a close destination, so this was especially unpleasant to say the least. ”

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