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The only recreational and medical cannabis shop in Orchards is now open! Come see us 8am-11pm SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!


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Service Industry Day Sunday!

Bring in your MAST permit, OLCC permit, foodhandlers card, or i502 badge (producer, processor, or retail shop) for a 15% discount ALL DAY!

Valid from 10/12/2016.

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“Long time dedicated customer here. After buying loyally from here for quite a while, i am sad to say i will not be coming back. Bought a gram that weighed out to .78. Now i know the product is packaged and sealed, no harm there. However i did want to call to let them know so they could take it up with the grower. They also wanted to give me a discount since its a cash only no refund business, which i figured would be the end result. The discount given to a near daily customer of over a year? 10%. Thats right, 10%. I would like to point out that my sack was 20% short? Also the gentleman who picked it for me did just that, picked it for me. Generally i am shown a large amount of bags to pick for myself and i could tell just from looking across the counter that the bag was short. Very disappointed and wont be coming back.”

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“Prices are a bit high when compared to quality of the product. Can be a little intimidating when I walk in and have 8 bud tenders just staring at me. They do have a decent selection but once again, the price is a bit above the products actual value.”

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