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“I wont be shopping here again. I spent money there twice a week for 2 mos. Never did they once acknowledge me as any sort of face they recognized. On my last purchase I spent 200 bucks for different products. One of the items was a cartridge with oil. Long story short, I clearly had a bad tip because it opened in my pocket and ruined my pants. I had this happen once before over a year ago. The guys at that dispensary took it back, apologized, and didn't argue. Why should they? They get reimbursed. I brought the broken cartridge back the next day, with all packaging and receipts. I explained what happened and they argued with me for a good few minutes. I finally asked if they were going to reimburse me or replace the lousy cartridge. The manager said he would give me one at half off. He said it looked like half of the oil was missing from the broken one. Uh, yeahhhhh! That is what happens when it leaks from both ends. And that just so happens to be why I am here to exchange it. It's CLEARLY broken. The manufacturer will replace it. 100% of it. Half off? These guys just don't get it. Sad. I work right across the street from this place too. Luckily I was able to find another 50 dispensaries within 3 miles. Its as if they still have that dealer mentality. YOUR NOT THE ONLY STORE IN TOWN! It behooves you take what im saying, and use it to better the way certain situations are handled. This whole thing was so wrong of your store. Think about that next time any customer who spends money with you returns something which you get reimbursed for. Just sayin.”

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“very helpful staff. honest.... after speaking with one of the guys behind the desk, he actually referred me to another dispensary that he thought might have a product closer to what i wanted. very impressive. very good business. i'm old and have seen good customer service and these folks had that in spades.... wouldn't hesitate to visit the shop again. he was right , but i will always check to see what they have because of the righteous customer service...”

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