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Indigrow - Muskegon

Indigrow - Muskegon

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Indigrow - Muskegon

SMALL BATCH CRAFT. HIGH GRADE CANNABIS. OUR START For our team, the founding of IndiGrow happened not only in the middle of a global pandemic, but also during a time of big family changes. Although these were all mostly happy changes, they still naturally brought their own set of challenges. Above all else, family is extremely important to all of us and is the force that drives what we do. We chose the name ‘IndiGrow’ because it was short for “independent grow”, and we also liked that it sounded similar to ‘indigo’ (a color that is often associated with the cannabis plant). We also knew we wanted a diamond for our logo. Not only do we intend to sell ‘diamonds’ as concentrate, we felt that this symbol in particular really exemplifies the high-quality standards of our products. SMALL BATCH CRAFT When we say ‘craft’, we mean small-batch and quality-focused cannabis. Where other grows focus on quantity and pumping out as much product as possible – we are focused solely on quality. We stand apart from the rest because we are the only company involved here, therefore we are truly a vertically-integrated operation. You can be sure that our flower never leaves the building until it is in our customers’ hands! We also strive to always operate with a consultative approach regarding our IndiGrow sales team. Each budtender will be fully versed in our growing methods, processing, various consumption methods, etc. Our goal is for our budtenders to match each customer with the products that best fit their specific personal wellness needs and desired effects. Our full-bodied selections are landrace strains which gained worldwide popularity in the 1970s & 1980s. OUR FACILITY The major portion of our facility is situated within a century-old refurbished warehouse. Before IndiGrow, this building housed many Muskegon businesses throughout the years. Although our showroom itself is all new construction, inside you can even still see the old brick from the warehouse! We went to great lengths in order to renovate (yet carefully preserve) the warehouse, as we feel it is a beautiful reflection of Muskegon’s proud industrial heritage. As we move forward, we envision IndiGrow challenging the cannabis industry to have higher, more reliable standards. We expect to be the leaders of microbusiness licensure here in Michigan; helping to lobby for clearer legislation on the state level, as well as joining the fight for federal legalization. We also plan to do our part in helping with community outreach, partnering exclusively with local nonprofits or donating directly to the city of Muskegon. CAREGIVER VS. GROWER Caregivers are an essential part of the marijuana industry, providing a necessary service for patients by helping them acquire medical marijuana. Caregivers are licensed by the state, and each individual using medical cannabis selects a primary caregiver to provide their medicinal cannabis. A caregiver is a reliable grower of cannabis, willing to educate themselves in the laws, benefits, and drawbacks of marijuana in order to best help their patients. A caregiver differs from a grower in that a caregiver specifically tailors each plant to maximize the medicinal benefits; whereas a traditional commercial grower is focused on quantity and profits. Caregivers have laid the foundation in Michigan’s evolving cannabis industry, but have not yet been afforded the opportunity to bring high quality medicinal-grade cannabis to the commercial market. We at IndiGrow believe it is our duty to embrace the varied people that made recreational cannabis possible by bringing a caregiver’s craft-style growing to the commercial industry.

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