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Ponca City, OK

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January 23, 2021
This place is one of the most mediocre franchises in the Oklahoma cannabis Industry. They have the rudest staff in town, you’d be better off going down the road a few miles. The weed is mediocre, and the joints almost always canoe. The staff is so rude you’d think they have mad cow disease, and whenever you call and talk to a manager they do absolutely nothing to help the situation, they just offer you 30% off but hey if you’re looking for a deal I guess it’s worth it. Just try not to make eye contact with any of the staff members.
November 2, 2021
Went there 1 time and won't go again. I'm not sure if they think they're the only shop in town or if they think they're better than everyone else but the customer service or interaction is crap! Someone needs to pull the stems out their butts... For having average weed at best they could use a change in leadership, management or ownership.
January 14, 2021
How do I know where to go for great strains of medical marijuana,look no further. Kush Gardens has just what your seeking, from a great selection of top choice flower, to radical edibles, to superb strains of concentrates. They have affordable prices and a long list of accessories as well.
May 26, 2022
the weed was extremely dry...I used it as kindling to start my BBQ
September 15, 2022
Always have good deals on goat carts.
August 18, 2022
Absolutely awful customer service. A cashier was rude because he got behind and took it out in me. My money was not good enough for them that say. I spoke with management later and was told they wouldn’t do anything to right the wrongs. No discount to kept coming back, no apology from the employee that basically admonished me for not having my money ready when it was sitting on the counter waiting for HIM to catch up, and I was allowed to walk out with all my money. They don’t value loyalty from guests apparently. Stay away. Try any other dispensary. This one doesn’t deserve your money.
November 3, 2023
Their twisted carts are top notch and potent. One of the only local places that sells GDP and they have a huge selection.
January 21, 2023
Everyone stop in and get some of the products here. They are 🔥 trust. Stay blessed people
February 19, 2022
They sold me the wrong weed. That young guy with the glasses. It was supposed to be 36%thc. When I got down the road I noticed that the package was different than the jar. I immediately went back and told him. THE JAR WAS TURNED AROUND THE WRONG WAY and had the wrong information. He refused to trade for tic tacs or give me a gram for his mistake. I told him I wanted something over 30% thc (tic tacs) and he sold me something weak! I like their weed, just feel like he should have handled this different. I used to recommend.