Lightshade - 6th Avenue

Lightshade - 6th Avenue

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Equinox Lucinda Williams Flower 3.5g

Strain rating:
THC 22.7%
Equinox Lucinda Williams Flower 3.5g
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Lightshade - 6th Avenue
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|1462.9 miles away

About this product

Lucinda Williams is an evenly-balanced hybrid cannabis strain with Cindy 99 as one confirmed parent, and strong consensus that Cindy 99 was crossed with William's Wonder. Sources are confident Lucinda Williams was made by crossing C99 with The White. Either way this is a cerebral, uplifting, euphoric cannabis strain. Strong THC fans take note: Lucinda Williams THC can read up into the 24-29% range. Small, milky white trichomes and thin ambered colored hairs are standard on this strain's dense, dark green buds. Fresh, lingering earth and woody aromas with pine and menthol notes make way for a smoke known for sweet berry, minty, floral exhales. The effects of Lucinda Williams come on quickly, and smokers rave about the focus, euphoria, and energy of this strain. Joyful, great for socializing, the Lucinda Williams high is calmly energetic without the buzzy caffeinated feel.

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