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High end Flower , Extract & Edibles along with excellent customer service every visit


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Two for ten Pre-Rolls

Two, full gram Pre-Rolls, for $10.

Full Flower. Multiple strain options.

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Localamster in Longview

Join us Friday, April 13th, for an E.C.C vendor day! E.C.C WILL BE 20$ A GRAM UNTIL ITS GONE!

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“Tuesday, April 17th 2018 around 4:00, I went into this shop for the first time. Two guys I know who work in the marijuana industry happened to be there, two very nice guys. I watched as one of their employees kicked them out, jist because they work in the I502 industry and kicked me out before I even said a word just because he assumed I was with them. In Spokane where I am from, industry workers are always welcome & even get big discounts (30% off at Satori) but after he waas asked if they do industry discounts he flipped out and said "I am going to have to ask you guys to leave", then proceeded to call us names and cuss us out. I hadnt said one word before he tried to kick me out, I drove completely separate from these guys (who did nothing but apologize and one even tried to shake the guys hand AND INTRODUCED himslef). He followed us out screaming at us. Their other employee was absolutely wonderful, I feel so bad he has to work with that crazy dude. This man was terrifying. One of the most volitile people I have ever encountered in fact. I know that this isnt a representation of all the employees, but this guy made this the worst experiance I have ever had at not only a cannabis shop, but any retail store ever. Their products where great and I wish I could have had the chance to try some of their stuff, but I wont return. Not if they are gonna employ people who are THAT scetchy. Brenna C Yaeger”

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“FIFTY DOLLARS!!! I thought you said fifTEEEEEN.”

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