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“Living in legal states for the last 7 years (Colorado then here) I've come to except a certain level of customer service. I purchased an ounce from them and it was dry as hell, I mean absolutely terrible. I think this has happened one other time in the last 7 years and the dispensary exchanged it without an issue. Loveley Buds gave me every excuse in the book from "The manager's not here" to "I have to talk to the owner". All over an ounce of bud. I never shop there anymore because of it. Just because it's cannabis doesn't mean we shouldn't expect a level of quality control and customer service. They saved the $150 on the ounce but have lost a ton of business from me over the months. I usually buy about $500-$1000 worth of vapes, lotions, etc. per month. This was like 6 months ago. Really horrible business practices.”

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“The shop is great but.... I cant believe how much money I have spent on shitty pre rolls that dont smoke right at all. I cant roll so the pre rolls are mostly what I buy. 5 shitty pre rolls in the last 4 days. Damn it im pissed!!”

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