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Eighth Brother 1g Mimosa OG

Strain rating:
THC 29.4%
CBD 0.1%
Eighth Brother 1g Mimosa OG

About this product

From the lively district of Hollywood, California, emerges the Eighth Brother 1g Mimosa OG, an exceptional cannabis strain product from MMD Shops Hollywood. Reflecting the flavor and vibes of Tinseltown, Eighth Brother 1g Mimosa OG is a vibrant hybrid marijuana strain birthed from a dynamic blend of Clementine and Purple Punch. Upon the first encounter, you'll be welcomed by its robust aroma that vividly echoes its namesake. Bursting through are the opulent notes of fruit and citrus flavors, delivering a sensorial experience as iconic as Hollywood's Walk of Fame. Experience how this strain opens the curtains to happy, level-headed effects that inspire an uplifted and motivated state of mind, perfect for taking on the mundane tasks of the day. Established in 2006, MMD Shops, situated in the heart of Hollywood, CA, is a beacon of marijuana expertise boasting over a decade of experience. Easily accessible for those searching "Dispensary Near Me Los Angeles, CA" or "Medical Weed", this Marijuana Store in Hollywood, CA is there to cater to your needs. Its proximity extends to Beverly Hills, CA, broadening its reach as a cannabis dispensary. Eighth Brother 1g Mimosa OG is a testament to the high-quality Flower products MMD is known for, presenting itself as a flavorful companion for any given day. Experience the Hollywood way of living, every inhale is a ticket to the Golden State's quintessential cannabis experience.

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