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Froot Chews Blue Razz Dream

THC 100.0mg
CBD 0.0mg
Froot Chews Blue Razz Dream
MMD - Hollywood
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About this product

For a delightful diversion from your regularly scheduled routine, indulge in our Froot Chews Blue Razz Dream from MMD Shops Hollywood. Each chew is meticulously created using only the finest ingredients, including top-tier cannabis oil, offering a taste sensation unlike any other in some of the most sought out neighborhoods of Los Angeles, CA, and Beverly Hills, CA. Our dedicated approach provides each and every chew with a consistent and precise dosage. Not only does it guarantee an extraordinarily delectable flavor but also ensures the highest quality cannabis experience that will heighten your senses. At MMD Shops Hollywood, we pride ourselves on being more than just a generic marijuana store. Nuzzled in the iconic heart of Hollywood, California, we have spent over a decade collecting experiences and fine-tuning our craft since our establishment in 2006. We are an operation steeped in cannabis history, yet perpetually forward-thinking, committed to serving our beloved local community. Whether you're a medicinal user or recreational enthusiast, you'll find our Froot Chews Blue Razz Dream thoughtfully blended to enhance your overall cannabis experience. We invite you to experience the refreshing and revitalizing essence of our Edibles selection that offers an innovative and modern, yet classic and trusted experience near you. Your search for a "dispensary near me" in Hollywood or Beverly Hills ends here at the renowned MMD Shops.

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