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Spring Hill, FL

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June 15, 2022
TLDR: MUV has a wide selection of some of the strongest products in the Stonerverse. You can get an 1/8th of flower that is 25% + THC (and their strains are frequently near 30%) for less than $35 if you go during one of their frequent sales. The staff is amazing and it’s beautiful. Want the long version? This is tied with Liberty as the best dispensary in Hernando county in my book. MUV’s $hit us always high quality. Their flower, especially Verano reserve, is the best. Verano reserve flower is often 23-30% THC, and their regular bud is often over 20%. You can get some very high THC shake for a great price. Speaking of great prices, they often have sales, 30% on Wednesday for vets, and they have a rewards program. I’ve picked up an 1/8 of tip top shelf bud their for $25 before. They have a WONDERFUL selection of vapes and concentrates, many of them 85-90% THC. The “Gold” concentrate is AWESOME. Try it! They have low THC and CBD only products as well. I have never tried their edibles or topicals. I tried a brownie from another dispensary and it did nothing. I’m not willing to spend a f-cking $20 for one damn candy bar it’s not likely to work. I’ll save that $20 and buy a $h!t ton of Hersheys with it. I am always greeted by friendly staff right away. You’ll find a small waiting area with comfy chairs, tables, bathroom and water fountain. On the frosted glass wall there is a large LCD screen showing their menu. Only patients are allowed back. As you enter you will see product displays as you do in all dispensaries. They have an ATM. The budtenders are friendly and happy to answer questions and give recommendations. Service is very quick, especially if you have an online order in the morning/early afternoon on weekdays. You’ll be in and out in 10 min.
September 23, 2022
The atmosphere is so nice!! Always full of smiles, laughs, good conversation and friendly service. The staff incredible. Kurt is so friendly, and talk about KNOWLEDGEABLE! I’m seeing some new faces, but at least now they are all happy looking!! It’s nice to see people so happy doing what they love. By the time I leave, I swear I could walk on water.
February 10, 2023
Always relaxing and awesome people!
October 7, 2022
Always a pleasant experience ☺️