Natural Remedy Patient Center

Safford, AZ

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17 Reviews of Natural Remedy Patient Center

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June 10, 2018
The most un friendly places I have been so far not only would they not tell me if they have a veteran discount over the phone but also the prices of the bud and then tried to bate and switch me on the bud that I picked out. The products were way over priced for the quality of bud that they have like seriously 50$ for an 8th of some mid quality 10/10 would not recommend
April 14, 2017
great location, knowledgeable & courteous staff!
November 8, 2017
My experience with this establishment today far exceeds what all patients can only hope for. This dispensary provided me with a strain that was designed to and remains the gold standard in maximizing the medical potential of marijuana. Providing me with this strain did nothing to enhance the financial or business goals that all establishments have. Providing me with this strain was an act of true compassion and the dispensary's dedication to provide those in need with the highest level of care and medication. The level of relief this product provided me is unmatched. And to experience that relief without side effects or impairment in functioning. I can not possibly express how meaningful that is for me. Having access to this high quality medication, that provides this level of relief, gives me back the opportunity to enjoy my life. That goes far beyond any job description or business model and connects on a very human level as a demonstration of true character and compassion. Saying thank you will never be enough. I am truly and sincerely grateful for the gift of bringing back my capability to enjoy and participate in my life. While this gift can never repaid to the extent it deserves , I hope highlighting how meaningful this is for me will express just how thankful I am.
August 20, 2017
I was traveling through Safford when I saw the NATURAL REMEDY PATIENT CENTER (N.R.P.C.) and decided to check it out (This dispensary is the only one for miles around), so I pulled on, dodged the deep (and numerous) potholes, and went inside. They had a small assortment of Flower, relatively pricey. I asked if they grew their own product and was told no, they buy all flower from wholesalers (not the best of signs). The high point of the visit was the time I spent with Jimmy, who was friendly and alert. This dispensary, due to it's location, should be drawing in patients from all over the surrounding area, but they REALLY need to step up their game. Please accept my thanks for all you do for your patients. I will be stopping in again when I am in town. (PhatTommy Says).
October 10, 2019
I started reading the google reviews about this business a couple of weeks ago, and I saw mixed reviews. At first I was hesitant on going in there solely based on those reviews, and I was pleasantly surprised. 1. Parking - Very wide amount of parking, and the entrance was easier to find than I thought it would be. 2. Waiting Room- When I first walked in, I saw a row of comfortable chairs, a TV on the wall, and very clean, professional looking. The wait didn't take very long, less than a minute from when I got in to going into the other room. 3. The Product Room - It was bigger than I expected, a clean atmosphere and very organized. All of the products were in plain view of the consumer, so you can tell what you're getting. 4. The Budtenders - Even though it was my first time in there, and I only had the chance to interact with one budtender, she seemed very nice. She seemed passionate about her job, very knowledgeable about the product and seemed relatable. She answered all of my questions, and showed me an assortment of products that she would recommend. I can tell that she likes working there and she respects the customers. 5. Pricing - I only purchased edibles, but to me they were fairly priced, albeit I haven't been to too many dispensaries, so I couldn't really tell you much. They did give a discount for first time customers, and a free pre-roll as well. Speaking on only about the price of the product I purchased, I can say the reviews had me expecting a very high price, but it turned out to be a fair price (for me anyway). Overall, I was pleasantly surprised about my visit there, and I will definitely be going there again for future purchases.
December 26, 2017
I have been going to this dispensary for the last year and a half now. They recently started buying their flower from a new source and now their products are on point! They are really building their flower selection and their concentrates are AWESOME! It’s a really good group of people running the place. I recommend this spot to all my friends!
January 24, 2018
I visit this location two or three times a week. The staff is always friendly and welcoming. Their flowers never disappoint and their concentrates and edibles are always amazing. I am extremely happy with the consistent quality in both service and products.
June 16, 2022
They are always closed “because the computers are down”
April 6, 2020
This is not my usual stop, I live over an hour from here so this was a gamble being my first visit. One of the gals was busy pre rolling with the house blend when I came back and it made the whole place smell absolutely lovely. The first time patient discount and gifts were generous IMO. A sample pre roll was included with that wonderful smelling house blend I mentioned. It was very tasty and fresh, I would definitely buy pre rolls from here. Thank you for that! I did purchase a live resin cartridge and some flower. There wasn't a huge selection of flower, considering the current circumstances I can understand why. Everything there did look and smell amazing. The prices are a bit high for top shelf flower, I'll admit, but the quality was definitely there. I am 100% pleased with all of the products I purchased. Overall, I'm happy I made the trip. It was worth the gas, money and time (especially if you're looking for quality flower). Thank you so much, I'll be back 🙂
May 18, 2020
🔥🌵🔥 love the caviar gold products love the staff!💜😉🏆🌼
October 10, 2020
Excellent people & great product
December 23, 2020
Very nice staff, great atmosphere, and have daily deals.
May 21, 2021
Good selection on prerolls and carts. A bit pricy but it’s the only place around for miles.
February 27, 2020
May 26, 2020
The staff was very friendly and informative.
March 27, 2021
not much selection
January 2, 2023
I’m beyond happy that this place closed down. I was one of the first employees who ran that place. I did all the ordering of products and so on. I had a great relationship with all the customers, am very knowledgeable and educated all patients, and loved working there helping the patients finding what they wanted and or needed. Then one day the owners fired just me for no reason. I never had a complaint from any patient or other employee and had 0 right ups. Unfortunately AZ is a right to work state where you can be fired for no reason which is bs. My boyfriend at the time quit the same day they fired me as well as the other employee who ended up going back just to be fired a couple days later for the same thing…no reason. They hired all new employees who were not educated very well about mmj. They were young adults who just loved getting high instead of educating themselves about the medical side of it. They also raised the prices, as well as doing a shitty job at keeping their shelves fully stocked. They definitely screwed up for what they did and that’s why I say they deserve to have their dispensary go out of business. The first owners were amazing people who cared about their employees. Unfortunately they sold it to someone else who told them they would keep the same staff, but of course were nothing but liars. They were probably just in it for the money and not to actually help people unfortunately. So now I shop at The Green Halo where I can get a full gm distillate cart for $35 where as this no longer open dispensary was $60 for a full gm. Nothing but a rip off from money hungry people. And an fyi…they got their products from The Green Halo. So that really shows you how much they stole from their customers. I’m sure they made a lot of people happy for that. So again…they deserve this all.