Nectar - Stark

Nectar - Stark

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Daily Grape 1G Preroll

AVO - 23
Strain rating:
THC 12.9%
CBD 0.0%
Daily Grape 1G Preroll
Nectar - Stark
Open until 10pm PT
|2315.9 miles away

About this product

"Southern Oregon is renowned for its Mediterranean type growing conditions that are perfect for the cultivation of cannabis. Applegate Valley Oregon possesses highly variable and complex soil along with 20-25 inches of annual rainfall which creates the excellent conditions that allow for a wide variety of different outdoor strains and types of cannabis. The long summer days and cool nights do more than make Applegate Valley a beautiful place, they help create beautiful cannabis plants each with its own unique profile. Catch the feeling of a beautiful southern Oregon summer with a taste of one of Applegate Valley’s 1 gram single pre-rolls. These pre-rolls come in a variety of sativa, indica, and hybrids to match the smoking experience you seek, and the lower THC percentage of these pre-rolls overall means you can stay functional after you smoke. Perfect for those of us that want to stay sociable at a summer barbecue or if you want to pair your joint with some wine. These Applegate Valley pre-rolls are the perfect item to enjoy to catch a nice vibe while being able to enjoy your favorite activities in the summer sun."

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