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“My parents actually recommended this shop for its prices and knowldgeable staff. Didn't know what to expect, had been buying most of my stuff at Mary Mart in Tacoma (another shop with great selection and staff). North Bay is tucked in discreetly behind a stone statue place on the edge of tiny Allyn, WA, it's a tiny store but has more than enough room for a mind bendingly large array of product. There is a surprisingly large parking lot too. My first visit, I was lucky enough to meet Heather and her sweet old dog who hangs out behind the counter. She recommended some fantastic edibles and a few great inexpensive pre-rolls. She took time to greet me in a friendly manner, then proceeded to help me find exactly what I needed. It was my birthday, & she treated me to a birthday discount (w/ valid ID). The staff here is incredibly smart! North Bay, like many MJ shops, is a family business. They're always happy to see repeat customers. They're always running great little specials and I always leave there with a smile on my face. I'll check out other shops if they catch my eye, but North Bay will be my preferred shop.”

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“I wanted to post a review of this shop. I am not new to MJ at all but the last time I smoked was in 2001 and I didn't know the diff between most strains except Indica and Sativa. We took what we could get basically. Not any longer. I opted for NorthBay because on some level I like that it's owned by a Dentist! I also love the location, right by the water. I told the budtenders what I was looking for - trim for J rolling that would help with depression and anxiety. They took the time to explain how CBD content could help balance out some of the negative side effects. They suggested two strains that might work well and I got both; Tahoe OG and Blackberry OG. They did NOT make me feel like an idiot, disrespect me or talk down to me at all. I am very happy so I went back last night. They gave me some verbal updates on upcoming shipments and such. Very good experience. I highly recommend stopping by.”

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