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King Palm | Flavoured Rolls | Mango OG | 2 x MINI Rolls Per Pack | 1 x Single Pack

King Palm | Flavoured Rolls | Mango OG | 2 x MINI Rolls Per Pack | 1 x Single Pack
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Mango OG Mini Blunt Roll 2-packs feature Squeeze & Pop flavor tips that also contain a corn husk filter for added filtration. Innovative, tasteful, and all-natural this is one type of tobacco-free blunt roll that other manufacturers can’t compare to. Cordia palm leaf wraps on each are sustainably sourced, hand-rolled, and burn slow and steady when easily packed with your favorite strains of herb. What’s Included: 2x Mini Rolls (1g capacity each) infused with Mango terps 2x Squeeze & Pop corn husk filters 1x Bamboo Packing Stick 1x Boveda Humidity Control Pack Product Features: 100% organic cordia palm leaf wrap Hand-rolled Sustainably sourced Enhanced with organic terpenes No tobacco, additives, or artificial flavoring Easy-to-pack There’s so much upside when you choose a Mango OG Mini Blunt Roll 2-pack as your go-to way to enjoy a session or two. Not only are these real cordia leaf blunt rolls all-natural and organic–they’re also tobacco-free with no nasty aftertaste. The Squeeze & Pop corn husk filters provide a boost of organic terpenes that serve to enhance the flavor of your cannabis. Pair with any similarly tropical and fruity strain of weed like Rainbow Belts, Tangie, or Mango Tango. Each resealable pouch does a remarkable job keeping every mini blunt roll pristine courtesy of the Boveda humidity pack that provides the ideal RH critical to freshness.

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