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Oregon's Best Buds - Portland

Portland, OR

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151 Reviews of Oregon's Best Buds - Portland

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July 14, 2016
Hi, I'm a regular customer of your shop at 102nd & Burnside. Everybody knows me by my name including the ppl who don't work there anymore as in Tyler & his crew. I bought a Co2 cartridge from your guys store and it didn't worked. I went to your store told them what happened..even took my vape pen which was fully charged just as a proof. This girl who works for your store tried telling me every kind of bs that how they are shitty and made in China (my work takes me all around the world and that includes china as well and as a matter of fact I speak mandarin as well...cuz I go to guangzhou so many times) Anyhoo...to top it over she started fixing the cartridge with the corner of business card and a pin ( which by the way I walked outside your store to check since she asked me to check if it works). She might be used to doing this tweaking crap, I don't ever ...ever have to do or wait for this kind of crap. I don't need to cuz I just buy brand new stuff. Besides her way of talking just seemed to me that she's just fit for certain kind of clientale and not everybody. Considering what kind of business it is, I don't blame her but you don't measure everybody with same scale. I don't speak very much about the 'expertise' your ppl try to show me...all I'm gonna say is you name a country and chances are I've smoked in one if the major cities there. My passport looks like a bible. I'm a lil frustrated and annoyed not because they didn't compensated me with another cartridge but more by the fact that I'm probably one of your few permanent customer who treats your employees with respect and have a different kind of outlook than the ghetto or trashy crowd. I might be judging but that comes along the frustration that after I come back from my office, I want to sit down in my air conditioned house and smoke few puffs and relax. I understand that losing one customer is not going to make big difference to you but than the kind of money clientale like me gives you, you would have to entertain 5-10 customers and that too who will be very shitty crowd. Just saying. It was an aweful experience and I wanted you to know. A good business (be it of any kind) is where you would like to keep your valued clientale keep coming back. To me..I can throw money anywhere. Thanks
May 5, 2017
Quality: The bud was all sub-par, other than a few strains on their "top-shelf", which are mids compared to my usual shop down the street. Considering the location, I can see how the average person hanging out on that corner would be cool with the low-cost low-quality offerings. I have pretty high standards. Service: Lady at the front was nice. Once I was in the budroom I inquired about the highest quality bud in the store and was told "I don't smoke flower" by the budtender. This was followed by some awkward silence while I browsed the oil selection until a female budtender from behind the counter (that obviously overheard that interaction) took over and began showing me her favorites. She was nice though and saved it from being a mess. Atmosphere: Not a bad shop inside really, just a really bad location. A lot of shady people on that block.
December 22, 2015
It's one of the most ada friendly accessible stores in Portland. That is where my praises stop. The service was terrible. Staff didn't seem like they wanted to be there. They were short and rude with us, offered no help, no suggestions. I feel like this store lacks in knowledge of product and customer service. NONE of their buds were trimmed. I can't honestly believe that a dispensary would allow meds like that to be brought into the store, let alone purchase them. Everything was brown, dark, and almost burnt looking. It was all dried out and none of it was being held in any container that would keep it fresh. Straight up pulled the buds out of a plastic rubbermaid container. This was my first visit and my last and I won't be recommending to anyone. If you want some constructive criticism I'd fire all the staff, or train the existing ones on how to be friendly, make sure they actually want to be there, make sure they're actually knowledgeable on the strains, and teach them about customer service. If you guys just want to sell ditch weed next to the bus stop that's fine, just keep doing what you're doing. If you want to be a dispensary that sells medicine that helps people in truly beneficial ways you might want to change up your business practices. I hope you'll take these as legitimate concerns and criticism instead of the way you've obviously taken some of the earlier comments which was to respond in a rude and defensive manor.
August 13, 2016
I was charged rec. price and had to return to get the money back then once home I discovered the product didn't work and they kept my licenses. So back I go again to retrieve my licenses (my bad i forgot to make the extra effort to ask for my items back as they are all scurrying about...glad to see you are busy...how...no idea...location? and at least get a replacement. They don't have it and so can't refund me finally the manager came out after 20 minutes to refund me. no apologies for very poor service...drug test well I don't test my people but the policy is don't let anything interfere with business. I do not recommend this store as there are several other to choose from with better product, easier parking and far better service at a similar or even more fair price.
June 24, 2016
They don't update their menu on this site (which means it's also wrong on their site). The girl checking me in was super sweet, but if you're going to drive across town for a particular strain (like I did) call them before you waste your time. There's WAY too many alternative dispensaries around town for me to deal with this place.
October 5, 2016
I have been to this dispensary probably a handful of times or so now. And only because of the location, there is always something that turns me off of this place everytime to go. This time though it was the simple fact that the tender didn't even give me my change back. Here I'll start from the beginning, I went in there to spend a good $100+ and it took a bit to get checked in but the lady at the front desk was probably the most helpful person there. And the only person to make the experience worth while, yes just getting in there. Then as i approached the actual counter no hi or anything. No offers of help, or suggestions which made me just want to get out of there as soon as possible. I wouldn't have known there two sides had different product if i hadn't looked. when I finally selected something with no help what's so ever just someone silently starting at me, which was actually quite annoying (I decided it was not worth it to give this business more than ten bucks and twenty minutes of my time, if they can't hire helpful tenders.) For some reason she tells me that's a good choice as a select a random flower just so I can get out of there's fast as possibly. oh okay, I didn't even know you had a voice much less an opinion... but thanks. She says "that will be nine dollars love". Takes my ten hands me my weed no bag no change and proceeds to skips off to go converse with the other tender as I stand there in shock holding another dollar I was going to combine with the change for her tip. Making it even more awkward for me to ask for my dollar back so I just shoved the other one in the jar and said guess you can combine that with your tip... not sure if at the end of the night they just pocket the extra till money but this has happened before. It was about three bucks last time and I did ask for it back but still I will not be recommending this place to anyone. No one should have to ask for their own change back even if it's 50 cents. I find that extremely poor customer service and just bad business. Front desk lady with the I think it was a pug on your shirt, three stars!!!! Just for you, you are amazing. But I have never been more uncomfortable in a despencary In my life.
October 19, 2015
Oregon's Worst Meds is more like it! Was ripped of this past Saturday for $60 worth of MILDEWED BUD!!! THANKS A LOT! NEVER AGAIN!!!
July 2, 2016
Stumbled into this place by happenstance and was very pleasantly surprised to find possibly the best deal on vape cartridges in Portland! If you like the whole cartridge thing it is well worth your time and effort to hop a blue line Max to check these guys out. Their price per 1g. was much lower with the tax than most other places BEFORE the tax. If you have Scots in your family tree like I do, the impulse to save a buck is plenty strong enough to endure a bit of extra fuss, like coming out to 102nd & Broadway.
October 21, 2017
Been there a couple times and the customer service was bad each time. Unfriendly and not helpful.
July 17, 2016
Super sketch area, felt like I was going to go purchase crack instead of weed. Walked in, the lady who helped me was rude, and very standoffish. Scoffed at my questions and made this tiny store seem suffocating. I did not make a purchase with them, I will not be returning.
October 19, 2015
The prices were great, the service was not. I was given a free 1.5 grams of some good flower for my first visit and there were $5 grams of good flower for sale so I was able to leave with an eighth for $10 which is completely unheard of at any other dispensary I've been to in Portland. They will also reimburse you for your bus ticket if you take the bus there which is awesome. The friendliness of the staff was lacking though. At the counter I tried to be kind to the receptionist by making a little small talk, but she was short with me. Then when I went into the bud room there were about people behind the counter running all over the place like they were really busy even though there were only two customers. There were like 5 or 6 employees and I still waited around for quite a while for any of them to acknowledge me. When they did acknowledge me it was to say they'd be with me soon. Not sure if they were stocking product or what? I waited patiently but I was definitely unimpressed with the service. When the tender finally handed me my flower he said nothing, not thanks for coming in or have a good day or we hope to see you again or anything. I didn't feel welcome or valued. Conflicted on whether I'd go here again or not--price was right, service was not.
November 5, 2016
great service, the employees are wonderfull, knowledgeable and helpful. Great place!
May 28, 2015
loved this place will be back for high quality meds
August 13, 2016
Literally Oregon's WORST meds -- don't waste your money on their moldy ghetto bud!! Never again.
January 29, 2017
I like your guys are very freindly
October 2, 2016
**Attention** Don't buy the pre-rolls unfortunately they're leaf and stems, no matter what you hear. I can't comment on anything other than flower which has been good for the price. A couple people are really excited working with cannabis everyone else is just kinda doing their job. It's well located, cheap, just don't by the pre-rolls. If I'm suckered back and, it lets my standard then I'll update but, now that I've written this post I don't know when that'll be.
December 20, 2016
Don't judge the outside, look inside! I originally never thought I'd shop here but a friend brought me here and I'm happy. The service is nice and the bud tenders aren't trying to push anything. A very relax and clean space to look around at the flower, edibles, and concentrates.
May 18, 2016
Been my main place to get meds since getting my card. Good selection, good price, and their veteran programs really helps my dollar go farther.
November 11, 2015
Used to be a liquor store.
June 17, 2016
I love how friendly the staff are and they're very helpful.
August 29, 2016
The best dispensary in town, been going since right after they opened. Thank-you Teresa, the manager, you are the best! You have helped me more than what words can say, I watch how hard you work, and manage the most warm and friendly staff in town. I brought a friend in for the first time this last week and he loved it and will be a returning customer. Keep up the great work Teresa and staff, I give you a ten star rating, see you again soon!!!
May 20, 2015
This place is super cool talking about having something for every budget these guys have you covered and there is also a lot of perks to going here which I found out so I will be going here all the time!!
August 3, 2016
This has the best staff ever. I love how friendly and into their product they are. My new favorite shop. Thanks!
September 17, 2019
Like walking into a Morgue,never felt so un-welcome by people who want your money!