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Pulsar Rok Vaporizer - Luna Glow - White

Pulsar Rok Vaporizer - Luna Glow - White
Panacea Wellness- Med
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PULSAR RÖK VAPORIZER Use: Concentrates and dry herb The Luna Glow Limited Edition Pulsar RöK is an upgraded version of Pulsar's classic ergonomic electric e-rig. The new release features a taller XL cloud collar, a new bullet carb cap with a silicone tether, charcoal base jar, and black downstem. Not only does it perform well, but it also unleashes concentrates' fullest potential by opening up full flavor profiles and taste. The RöK's all-metal body fits onto a boro glass filtration base and features a disc percolator for the best airflow possible. Dab connoisseurs and novices alike will appreciate this electric dab rig for its high-end functionality and reasonable price point. The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty, included in the box. Specs. 6.75 inches (17.14cm) tall Dual isolated air paths 3 voltage settings 30-second 'RöK Mode' All-metal body Coilless quartz & ceramic atomizer cups Boro glass beaker base Disc percolator Carb caps (for concentrate & herb) 1-year warranty The APX V3 features custom art designs, including Mrow, Melting Mushroom, Pscyhedelic Desert, Zion Lion, and Wood Grain. 'Mrow' artwork by Courtney Hannen Psychedelic Series artwork by Amberly Downs Features & specs. 1600 mAh battery capacity 4 inch tall Haptic feedback & LED display New larger 0.5-gram ceramic heating chamber New heat-resistant mouthpiece New "Cash" mode for high temps & big rips New onboard metal stir tool Five variable heat settings - 374°F - 446°F (190°C-230°C) 1-year end-user warranty Multiple colors & design options available

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