Remedii - Battle Creek (Recreational)

Remedii - Battle Creek (Recreational)

Battle Creek, MI

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July 4, 2019
I was a first time patient ad the people were nice but the dude over charged me by 6$. I drove all the way there from kalamazoo and got over charged the quality is good but thwy need to staand behind there prices and deals and im sorry i know your facility is trying ro be safe but thw guy in the back of the room watching everyone with a gun in a holster on him was kinda creepy maybe not so much learking for him next time
June 13, 2019
They give away discounts just to get 5 star reviews and pick and choose what laws they follow better off looking for homeboy on the corner because at least you'll get your medicine and not denied because of personal reasons! To bad I can't give a 1/8 of a star They think there Kings of green just because their the only dispensary in B.C. smh
June 13, 2019
Go see rikki or showna they are the bombbb
June 15, 2019
very poor service and never have what you are needing
June 1, 2019
I love the abundance of strain choices, late hours and cheap medibles. They’re always super friendly from the front to back of the house and they make sure to have gratis beverages at the front to combat your cotton mouth 😜 I’m from kzoo which has 2 closer dispensaries but I hit this one weekly!
June 6, 2019
great service everytime I go back in welcoming and amazing prices. Last time in Rikki was very nice helpful and answered all my question.
June 25, 2019
We are from Grand Rapids so we drove 1 hour for the visit and it was great! Good quality products. Staff was pretty friendly and patient. They even recommended lunch in that area. Definitely going to visit again. Thanks for everything you do! 🙏
July 10, 2019
Don't go here. Product sucks and staff is horrible.
June 7, 2019
Great Shop. Great Employees. Great Products. And Great Experience Overall!
April 29, 2019
June 23, 2019
great prices, good selection..
June 25, 2019
really nice place, friendly staff, large selection, good prices! what's not to like?
May 9, 2019
Big shout out to kat And Rachel both very helpful and very easy to converse eight with really dig the vibe awesome place really recommend it good quality smoke and everything very nice place
May 13, 2019
Great cartridge selection and awesome service, a fantastic addition to the west side of the state. First time deal is unreal too
May 16, 2019
So I've had great experiences here until today. Sterling,Shawnna, and London have been amazing with helping me meet my needs. But today I got Marcus. He was high to the point he couldn't function. I asked him if he was messing up my orders and moving slow because he was high. His response was, "You want me to move slower?" I didn't at all appreciate his attitude. He said a few more smart remarks while taking his time giving me my change. He actually counted out pennies and nickels to take longer. Then asked me if I needed anything else basically dismissing me! He didn't even label my meds smh. I will continue to come here but I never wanna deal with him again. I suffer from severe anxiety and ptsd. I should never feel that uncomfortable spending my money at a business.
June 15, 2019
I keep coming back because the budtenders are so nice.
July 16, 2019
Can't beat the selection of flower. Definitely worth the drive from Kalamazoo.
June 24, 2019
Worst dispensary I’ve ever been to. Not sure how these guys have a license to sell. The only thing worse than their product is their service. Better product available on the street. Might as well smoke actual dirt rather than buying from these criminals. These reviews are clearly their employees postingn. Don’t be fooled, go anywhere else...
June 25, 2019
They have a great selection and good pricing. The staff is very they and helpful?
April 23, 2019
I’ve been twice and I have to say to say, this is a bomb-ass dispensary to have right it Battle Creek. They have about 60 types of flower and a wide array of concentrates....Awesome. Gavin and Rachel helped me on my first visit and I saw Gavin on my second. Great bud tenders! Patient, kind, helpful, friendly and fun. Rachel recommended an awesome strain I had never heard of before......purple lemonade— I loved it and the smell is too die for! Gavin was very helpful with introducing me to the world of concentrates. Thanks for making this still sort of a “noob” lady feel right at home. Great vibe guys! You gotta love the 25 dollars off for each of your first four visits. 100 dollars of free weed or related products? Yes, please! I also love the complementary cans of soda and munchies they lay out for all the customers. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this happy about any place opening in Battle Creek.
July 19, 2019
Remedii is the best dispensary in Michigan! They’re customer service is outstanding, the atmosphere is clean and professional, the product is always top quality full buds and the staff is dedicated to ensuring that you leave Remedii feeling satisfied. In addition to this, I’ve been all over Michigan looking for a dispensary that actually employs Black Budtenders and this is the only dispensary where I’ve been able to talk to and buy from knowledgeable Black Budtenders instead of White stoner bros who will sell you up charged low grade product. KI and all of the Black Budtenders at Remedii have always made me feel at home and that is why I recommend this dispensary to everyone that I know.
September 23, 2019
want a experience ? They are scumbags that shouldn’t be in this position for sick people and than they relabel the strains or make them more expensive to tax the sick , honestly if people are sick and really want this why should these dorks be here . their stuff is C-F grade . The staff are incompetent, they are disrespectful to people in need of medical and want to just snack oil you into sales instead of making sure the sale and strain or thing is the proper thing for them. I would never recommend this place Inless you want 1/5 rating and honestly it’s sad for dealing with those people and looking at there shit/menu/prices I would never step foot in it ever again .
May 27, 2019
Amazing place! First time here but easily my new favorite place to go! Everything was nicely layed put and easy to see. The bud tender who served me was very friendly and incredibly beautiful. She helped me out tremendously and made sure I got as much as I possibly could with the money I had. She was also very informative and knew all the deals and even helped me out and saved me a bunch of money. Truly couldn't ask for better service. Her name was Rikki M. Thank you very much!!!
May 28, 2019