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1137 Presque Isle Rd, Caribou, ME
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Quality | 5
Service | 4
Atmosphere | 4
I greatly enjoyed this dispensary while living in Northern Maine. The staff is very knowledgeable about the product that they have on hand and provided all of the information I needed. They have a pretty wide variety (22 different strains when I was last there), a variety of edibles, along with concentrates (dabs) oil pen cartridges, tinctures and tropicals. One of the best features about this dispensary is the fact that they deliver almost anywhere in the state. Prices are very good as well ($200- $250/Oz), I highly recommend checking then out, even if you don't live in the area.
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Quality | 1
Service | 1
Atmosphere | 1
the location is seedy as hell. the employees are not helpful, pushy, and have bad attitudes. i have them my card and they refused to give it back or answer their phone. i had to get a replacement card from the state. i would not recommend this dispensary to anyone, not even my worst enemy.
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