Sanctuary - Gardner (Medical)

Sanctuary - Gardner (Medical)

376.9 miles away

Sauce Baller Jar - Banana Bread [4.2g]

Strain rating:
THC 85.4%
CBD 0.3%
Sauce Baller Jar - Banana Bread [4.2g]
Sanctuary - Gardner (Medical)
Open until 10pm ET
|376.9 miles away

About this product

Lineage: Gorilla Bomb #3 x Cornbread . Strain Type: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid . Smell/Taste/Aroma: Earthy, Fruity, Sweet . Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric . Much liked the baked good, this sativa-dominant hybrid will leave you wanting more of its earthy, fruity aroma and happy, relaxed effects helpful for those dealing with anxiety or depression. --- For the dab diehards and concentrate connoisseurs, this one's for you! Sanctuary Baller Jars are loaded with 4.20 grams of our premium Crumble and Sauce, offering value and variety to consumers and patients with a taste for concentrates. . The Sauce is crystalized THC-A folded into a matrix of terpenes, secondary cannabinoids and other natural compound from the plant. Due to higher levels of decarboxylated THC and the terpene profiles of individual batches, the end result is stickier and more liquid than our Crumble.

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