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Zen Leaf - Reno

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Apples & Bananas

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THC 20.7%
Apples & Bananas
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Zen Leaf - Reno
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AlphaPinene: 0.29% | BetaCaryophyllene: 0.27% | BetaMyrcene: 1.55% | BetaPinene: 0.08% | Bisabolol: 0.03% | CaryophylleneOxide: 0.02% | Humulene: 0.1% | Limonene: 0.12% | Linalool: 0.13% | THC: 20.7% | THC9: 1.09% | THCA: 22.36% -- Stash this for your next sesh. Savvy cannabis flower is your wallet’s new preferred brand in quantities that are easy to save or savor for later. -- If you like to eat apples and bananas, you’ll love to smoke this strain. Apples & Bananas is a fruity cross of Platinum Cookies and Grandaddy Purple with Blue Power for the sweet tastes of apple, pear, and sweets. The effects of this hybrid strain are just as delightful, offering a euphoric and uplifting high that elevates your mood and energizes your spirit. Perfect for those moments when you need a burst of happiness and a gentle lift, Apples & Bananas is your go-to for a joyful, carefree experience. -- Lineage: [Platinum Cookies x GDP] x Blue Power -- Type: Hybrid -- Effects: Balanced, Euphoric, Uplifting -- Flavors: Fruity, Citrus, Herbal

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