Story Cannabis - Waldorf

Story Cannabis - Waldorf

Waldorf, MD

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March 19, 2018
I visited this amazing dispensary for my first time last week and plan to go back later today. Not only do they have a large variety of plant and concentrate but their prices are reasonable and align cheaper than a majority of the other Maryland Med Marijuana clinics out there. The products I procured were excellent to note as well! I am excited to become a several times a month visitor, well done Zen Leaf!
February 22, 2021
They advertise prices as $5 list than they actually were. This resulted in me paying an extra $30 beyond what I expected to pay upon arrival, They did nothing to make up for it. I would recommend shopping elsewhere there are other options nearby for similar prices and the prices are accurate and not false.
January 7, 2021
Do NOT place your order online thinking it will be fast. You will sit there just like everyone else and wait. WHAT EXACTLY IS THE REASON FOR ORDERING AHEAD ONLINE IF IT TAKES JUST AS LONG TO GET YOUR MEDS???
March 9, 2018
The atmosphere there is great. I was greeted by a friendly receptionist and then taken back to the sales room by my bud tender. Unfortunately, I lost my receipt because I would love to recommend her to other patients. The bud tender was very knowledgeable and gave me some very good tips.
March 10, 2018
The bud tenders very nice very open very willing to help you walk to do the whole process have good insight and it’s a very nice calm place to beAnd you’re not rushed at all
July 9, 2019
Horrible!!!! I was refused entrance because my service dog doesn't have "papers". FEDERAL LAW does NOT require paperwork, only that the person has a disability and that dog is trained to assist that person. I will never come back!!!!!!
November 20, 2019
Communications with this place is horrible
September 23, 2022
the staff was very dismissive of my time I waited 20 min while I was the only person there. The inventory isn't great and the price differential doesn't make sense. What's up with the new point system 200 points saves you only 5 bucks. Very disappointing the staff and service 😒
October 27, 2018
I absolutely loved it, my first time first experience. Your staff seems very knowledgeable about the different products. Thank you so much I will be shopping there again soon than you realize!
August 18, 2019
Great! Awesome presentation of products and exceptional staff!
October 31, 2018
Zen Leaf in Waldorf is incredible. Always ready and eager to answer any questions and help in any way possible. They ALWAYS offer to get me a chair to sit and go over any sales, specials, etc... I have not experienced other Zen Leaf locations but this one is so clean it's ridiculous. The staff, oh the staff, so friendly and considerate. It's nice to see familiar and friendly faces when I visit. I've been to other dispensaries in the area and this one is by far my favorite. They also proudly offer a 22% Vet discount. Try them out you won't be disappointed.
January 19, 2024
False advertising time. Not accurate menu posting online. Subpar staff and security kindness. I’ve had the staff close the doors on me even before reported closing time. Holds phone up showing it’s not time and they still will close and be rude. Who would come back for that? I’ve shopped at this location more than once due to convenience of location but honestly the customer management is becoming so poor no deal on weed will make it worthwhile going. Great deals. Bad business. Go to Dispensary Works.
September 22, 2019
Worst dispensary ever. Dried up flower. Worst budtenders ever. Sont even think about wasting your time to place a order for delivery. What a joke. You will be left in the dark. Waiting on someone to show up. This place is A JOKE
November 24, 2020
I use to love coming to zen leaf always got treated well for the last 6 months it’s been nothing but issues every time I come here. Today(11-23-20) I order flower 2-1/8 for $32 a piece, got there they said that was a previous flash sale and they can’t give me that price didn’t notify me or anything of the price difference. just wanted me to waste my time driving up there I just walked out they told me my price was going to be $90 instead of $64 that’s a decent difference. Honestly I will never shop here again I don’t care what kind of deal they have. Dispensary works in white plains is forever my go to!!! I would give zen leaf a zero if I was allowed.
May 23, 2018
I have checked out the competition and Zenleaf is by far the best in the area. There prices and service are the reason I keep coming back and my friends love it also. Do yourself a favor and check it out.
May 9, 2018
Awesome place! Super knowledgeable and professional. This is my spot!
November 28, 2023
Story has the best prices and great service. I wish they had a more accurate online inventory bc I've noticed that sometimes my online order isn't filled or that the selection is larger in-store. Overall great staff and I recommend!
July 16, 2022
Verified Shopper
Started going back to Zen Leaf 2.0 when it became story. Definitely better prices, but the customer service is horrible. They have a punch out card that gives you a free roll. Tried to get it holepunched for the times I forgot to pull out my card since they never ask. Why would they?Next, they had a glitch I'm their system where their 1/4 was the same price as an 8th. When I told them I got the wrong weight, they tried to just discount another 8th, instead of just giving the complete weight or at least drastically reduce the price of the other 8th. Why would anyone get an 8th instead of a Qtr for the same price? In other words, they do not work with you, no matter how much money you spend there. Not going back. Rather drive past it to go to dispensary works or up the street to Haven.
June 19, 2018
Boutique atmosphere with a great assortment of products. Very knowledgeable staff and welcoming environment.
May 13, 2018
Best customer service 😊
May 8, 2018
I would like to think Krissy B,Jack E. Amanda G, Brandy B, Alexa and Jeneice they have been very helpful and knowledgeable of their products and helping me to make a selection (blue cheese) to help me relax in the evening and get a good nights sleep and (lemon cake) for Day time to help me stay focused and energized I have visit all dispensers in southern Maryland I like Zenleaf the best warm welcoming atmosphere nice layout design friendly staff good selection of products I’ll keep coming back thank you David M
June 25, 2018
There wasn't anything i disliked about this location. It was my first time visiting and i was showered with nothing but positivity and hospitality. It was amazing. I was then taken back by Jae who is tremendously sweet and knowledgeable! They have a great selection, as well as accessories for the different usages. I would recommend anyone to this Dispensary.
May 19, 2018
Brandy is fabulous! She gave me excellent recommendations and everything is working perfectly. Thanks again, Brandy!
May 20, 2018
Staff was knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Large menu of cannabis related items from flower to concentrate. Clean enviroment and professional.