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At SWC Prescott, our goal is customer satisfaction. We are conveniently located near downtown Prescott. Our state of the art facility is roomy and comfortable. We offer high quality strains at prices that will have you coming back for more! Check out our patient rewards program and other discounts.


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Friday - Save $20 off Purchase $100

Save $20 off Purchase $100

Valid from 4/27/2018 to 4/28/2018.

After all discounts and coupons Limit 1 Per Non PSC Platinum Patient Unlimited for PSC Platinum Patient

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SWC Prescott

Visit us 4/20 for great specials all day. Check the promotions page at swcarizona.com for details.

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“How can you post 0 stars? This last fella obviously works there.”

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“Good 4/20 promotion this year if you smoke bud, but absolutely zero deals for a vape cartridge customer like myself. I'm getting old and really can't smoke very often any more, vape cartridges have been a godsend to me as an easy to use alternative that is much kinder to my lungs. To add insult to injury, the $20 off $100 promotion which runs most Fridays was quietly moved to Thursday, with NO e-mail announcing this. Consequently I ended up spending 4/20 with agonizing foot pain, wondering if I could somehow make it through to Timeless Tuesday without medicating. When I went to the store the following day and asked to speak to a manager about this, I was shocked that rather being even remotely sympathetic, the manager's attitude was one of arrogant defensiveness. He repeatedly said "Sorry, but..." immediately explaining in a very strident tone that it was either the fault of the suppliers or my fault, which is not an apology in my book. Both the front desk guy and the bud tender eagerly jumped in and backed him up, nice to have three employees being rude to me at once. I get that I'm just an old fart who remembers the days when retailers would see an unhappy customer and make an effort to set things right, or at the very least show some basic people skills. I know that retail has gotten pretty bad these days, but a dispensary should have higher customer service standards than a fast food joint. The people who visit a dispensary come there desperately trying to get medicine to ease their suffering, and sales and specials are essential to being able to afford it. SWC Prescott is a very nice place, with top notch products and (mostly) very polite and helpful employees. That's why I'm giving you five stars, despite this 4/20 debacle.”

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