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September 6, 2022
I have to say - the best cured flower in Florida. However, I will never purchase from them again. The issue stems with them taking your allotment at the point of purchase on line. Because of the laws, I am unable to make any additional purchases because they already took my order off of my allotment. This meant I had to call them to change my order (they don't answer the phone, only call/text you back if you are lucky). I told them I wanted to cancel and reorder on Saturday with the strain available! Because they already took the recommendations off of my card, I didn't have the allotment so they said they will let the team know to make the switch. Ironically enough, the person on the phone even upsold me based on incorrect info - this batch has 1.5% less terpine content than she told me, which is why I added the 8th to the order. When my order arrives, not only did they not update my original order, it was missing the concentrates. The driver simply stated, "I just drive and deliver the orders. You could cancel the order if you want, but I would take this up with the store as this is messed up." The store didn't care and had no interest in making this right. When I finally spoke with someone, they said they can try to find the product and send it on the next delivery day - at full price with no discount. They also said there was nothing they can do about not updating my order. Was expecting them to make this right - at least they removed the concentrate from my allotment with the State. TL:DR - Due to their customer service, this was my first, and last, time ever buying anything from The Flowery and it's a shame as their product is top notch.
August 22, 2022
Thought I was in Cali for a moment - hands down the highest quality of service/product/ambience iv'e yet to see in the FL program.
August 24, 2022
Best company and dispo in Florida hands down
August 29, 2022
From a customer service perspective, Matti has been an absolute dream… any and every issue or question I have had has been delegated swiftly, and with grace! Couldn’t ask for better customer support! 5 stars! Thanks Matti :)
August 22, 2022
The Best Dispensary In Florida, Quality of the Flower is outstanding and the Customer service tops it. They even deliver. Everyone MUST check out the new Flowery Store!
August 29, 2022
As soon as you walk in, you know that there’s no other dispensary in Florida like this. You automatically get the sense of the true cannabis culture and appreciation for the culture once you enter. The budtenders are well trained and all their products, the pricing for these amazing brands is great and the customer service is awesome! This is my new go to dispensary for sureeee
September 12, 2022
Great customer service budtenders know their product.great atmosphere all of their products are great. Will definitely be going back
September 10, 2022
Amazing! I was floored when I walk in! Plus I follow Jendry he’s amazing, his customer skills, knowledge are outstanding…always a call above. His staff is amazing. I’m just in love with THE FLOWERY💕
December 26, 2022
Amazing service. Unique design. 10 out of 10 products. Win win all the way around!
April 4, 2023
Never been to your location but ordered from it multiple times. 710 labs products are my go to for delivery but once I get chance to get down there sure will try all other growers products. As for customer service and delivery it’s been A1
February 7, 2023
Love the bud hands down bear I've ever smoked. Gotta love the bud tenders they are a group of awesome people that are always helpful such a joy to be around. Only spot I cop from they completely replaced all other dispensaries for me 🤞🏾
January 31, 2024
Their resolved some of the customer service issues but unfortunately process is needed as a growing company. *Their product and variety is excellent excellent especially for people with terminal illnesses. This is almost comparable to Vermont or Humboldt county. The drivers are very well mannered and polite which makes a nice day.
September 15, 2023
This is hands down the premier dispensary in Miami. They got that SoCal feel and look. Staff was so friendly and professional. I initially felt a little overwhelmed since most dispensarys I visited are not super busy. This place has a staff of about 15 people all performing their roles in perfect harmony. Also did I mention they got the best bud in town. They got strains you only find in California. And it’s priced perfectly for its quality and potency. Budtender spent about 15min with me explaining extraction processes for concentrates. Go check them out when you want to pick up something for an unforgettable smoke session. Great experience.
September 4, 2022
This a great dispensary! Everything is quality and they carry 710Labs!! The only issue is it takes too long to receive your order which isn’t a big issue when the quality is so good!! 🔥🔥
March 20, 2023
I'm a veteran smoker. Mostly buying in deerfield. In my opinion what I've gotten I've gotten the runts the chem and super boof and it was really good there's no closet smell like most of the stuff I've had so it's definitely better than what is in Deerfield I definitely recommend this dispensary over most Deerfield dispensaries and the crust. And the customer service is excellent and a cherry gelato was great too it's what you order what you choose you. And I mix my medical with kratom so it doesn't hands it I don't know how much but it does inhance
November 13, 2022
Just wanted to give a shout-out to Sean and Brianna and the rest of the customer service team! They are always on top of things and very helpful to resolve any issue you might have.
March 2, 2024
It's a shame that the customer service in this business hampers the overall experience. 1 star. The absolute worst return policy and anti-consumer protocols that I have seen in any dispensary in Florida. They do not value loyal and long-standing clients.
August 10, 2023
Went to check it out, took a walk around the entire place, looked at the fun displays and went thru their touchscreen menu. Unfortunately no one took the time to say hello. Felt very uncomfortable like I was not supposed to be there. Walked by the guard that was working there and he just yawned in my face! So yeah a simple hello by anyone would have gone a long way. Aren’t you supposed to as me for my medical card? I didn’t even got asked for it LOL. Guess they are still new and rusty.
September 1, 2022
This place absolutely has the best quality in Florida period. From flower to concentrate, everything is the best of the best!
January 21, 2024
Buyer Beware! First timer with a delivery order. I was given a price in my cart, then a completely different price upon delivery.. Even after showing them a snip of my cart and total, the company refused to make it right. Was told it must have been a system error. Very shady business practice. Was forced to cancel my order and go without medication.
March 2, 2023
I really do love the quality of cannabis and overall everything about them. Packwoods,Preferred Gardens, and all the rest have been 10/10 each time my order has been delivered. No more Boveda packs when flower comes in their bags. Thank you everyone at The Flowery because I appreciate their great customer support and efficiency. I definitely recommend them to everyone I can. Go make a order, trust me you won't be disappointed!!
June 13, 2023
I had it delivered home. The array of selection is mind blowing.
October 2, 2022
Great dispensary. Space is super cool & modern. Service is great. People are very friendly & eager to help. Flower menu looks pretty good. Not enough variety in my opinion but the flower I did buy was good enough. Could be better but good enough for the price. I’d rather spend more on their top tier bud but they had no inventory left. I’ll write a better review after I sample the highest grade flower they have.