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Welcome to the Wellness Earth Energy Dispensary, where we dispense earth energy for our patient wellness. A first class Medical Marijuana Clinic centrally located in Studio City. We provide our patients with the highest quality medical marijuana with a tremendous amount of compassion. We take pride in everything from our quality of meds to the very friendly informative staff, together we can find you the right meds for each of your special needs.


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Happy Hour Monday - Thursday

4pm to 6pm Monday through Thursday. Receive 5 off donation for eighths of flower and grams of concentrate.

Donation must be 30 or higher. Not applicable to already discounted items.

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“Very, very loud music blasting through the non-air-conditioned waiting area. Waits can be very long (and unbearably hot in summer). Music is godawful (ugly rap or screechy metal), but anything played at that volume would sound bad. You can't hear the receptionists calling your name when it's your turn. A complete turnoff. Budtenders know nothing, are very inexperienced, are sometimes rude or condescending. They'll tell you a strain is indica, for example, when you know very well it's sativa. They don't know the products.. I've had to explain what exactly I'm looking for, and they're still confused. Web site says you can call in an order and they'll have it waiting for you, but I tried this once and they ... didn't. They had to scramble to find the items, then told me they didn't have a product which on the phone they'd said they did. Took as much time as if I hadn't called at all. I think they carry so many items, they can't keep track of them all. If they reduced their inventory , turned down the music, invested in a/c for the waiting room and hired some polite, professional sales staff, they might get my business back. I routinely spend over $200 a month on cannabis, and I've been using the stuff since Nixon was in the White House, I don't need to go here to have my ears assaulted, my intelligence insulted, and my visit turned into an hour's ordeal. Yes, they have everything, but how many different kinds of shatter does anyone need? They need to instruct their staff in basic etiquette; saying, "How's yer day goin'?" and not waiting for an answer doesn't cut it. I also don't like the way one person takes your order, but you have to wait (in line) for another person, the cashier, to actually ring you up. Has the potential to be great, but not there now, in my opinion.”

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“Best I have found so far, as I have tried about 15 in the last 3 years. Selection; superb, huge. Prices; on the high side, but they have some specials going on daily. Staff; informed, knowledgeable, nice. Atmosphere; good vibes all around.”

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