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HYPE TRAIN - Passion Fruit Liquid Diamonds Cartridge 1g

Hype Train
Strain rating:
HYPE TRAIN - Passion Fruit Liquid Diamonds Cartridge 1g
1 gram

About this product

GENETICS : Sweet Pink Grapefruit x Orange BudNOSE : Grapefruit, Tropical, Tree FruitFLAVOR : Orange, Grapefruit, SweetEFFECTS : Energetic, Creative, ArousedTERPENES : Terpinolene, Linalool, Myrcene----DESCRIPTION : Float away with the Passion Fruit Liquid Diamond Cartridge from Hype Train! Sweet Pink Grapefruit and Orange Bud are the parent strains, creating a fruity, racy sativa experience with bright citrus flavors. Hype Train is founded on the belief that just because budget doesn’t allow for regular consumption of top shelf, you should still be able to enjoy a quality cannabis experience..this is California, after all! Hype Train vape carts are crafted from the same, reliably high quality buds you'll find in their flower bags. Three Trees can promise that you will NEVER open up a bag of Hype Train and be met with a disappointing, brown outdoor that is months past harvest date. Three Trees purchases Hype Train immediately after harvest, and believe us when we say that it doesn’t sit on shelves long enough to dry out!

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