Top Shelf Express Delivery (excise tax included)
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Top Shelf Express Delivery (excise tax included)

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December 31, 2015
I love big fat crystally buds that smell up the room when u open up the container. That is why I call Ron whenever I run out. He is consistent, the buds are exceptional. His service is professional, good communication and recoomendations are fabulous. I've tried many but he is the best. They have the best buds, the best service and fair prices. PLUS they deliver later (11pm) and and earlier (6am) than most places. Ron is reliable, honest and has a selection beautiful, dense flowers that are so delicious, smell fantastic and are covered in crystals....they looked like they were dipped in sugar. He does not shake his flowers to harvest kief then sell the the stale buds as medicine like some places I have tried (but did not even bother to review). Do yourself a favor and try his Black Jack, a sativa indica hybrid of Jack Herer and black berry. Black Jack is my new favorite flavor Delicious hybrid of Jack Herer and Black Berry. You'll notice it does not induce the munchies as much as most other better varieties do. It is upbeat, pleasant and tasty.
August 4, 2017
The best of the best delivery services. One of the very few who does SAME DAY DELIVERY! So many others only offer overnight delivery. I have ordered many times from Top Shelf Express because they are fast and ordering is easy thru text messaging. The buds delivered have always been truly top shelf quality. If you're​ buying from dispensaries and paying extra for taxes, slap yourself in the face and ask Why?! Hit up Top Shelf Express to save for something better!
March 11, 2021
Verified Shopper
Terrible service , dispatch was rude , driver didn’t have mask , container didn’t have seal , look like two different strains , driver was a lame , and I probably got 60 dollars of bammer! Don’t do business with these scrubs
March 24, 2016
The buds I bought are really awesome! Much higher quality than what I get from the dispensaries and for a great price as well. The delivery man was so polite and informative. He let me inspect my order first before paying. He even brought a small flashlight for me to use because it was night time. I look forward to doing business with this company again someday. Thank you very much, Top Shelf Express!!
November 21, 2017
The best way to judge a store is not how they get everything right but how they deal with mistakes. Put in an order yesterday and they sent the wrong thing, well not completely wrong but an oversight really. Caught it when the driver was here so she made a call and resolved the issue, an hour later the order was correct! The driver was very nice and happy to fix things, the second driver was nice and polite and whomever they were dealing with on the phone rushed to fix the order. Can't get much better that this!
December 19, 2016
Great delivery service :) Reliable , really friendly and professional drivers / delivery staff. I have ordered from them nine times now. I couldn't be more happy with them. Response rate is practically immediate !! It's wonderful to have it delivered to your home , I am anxious driver so the fact that I no longer have to drive every time I need meds is great. Also very discreet upon delivery. They have great prices too! They do take CC which is nice in a jam .. but I prefer to pay cash and avoid the 10% charge ( I think its 10 %) and get it for exactly what you see on the price list .. it seems the tax is included .I have gotten amazing bud every time .. even the indica budlets ( I don't smoke much straight indica so it was nice to get to buy some at a great price and at 50$ for 5 gram ) the only time I was a bit unhappy is when I got outdoor sour diesel .. it lacked a little bit of potency. Other than that they are AMAZING !!! <3 Them. I highly recommend Top Shelf Express!
March 25, 2016
One of the best services out there! Just used them again for my second time. The buds are always great looking and packaged nicely. I received text updates on their estimated time and arrival. I was able to receive my medicine within 30 minutes!
February 7, 2017
sunset sherbet and boss og was 🔥🔥🔥
April 7, 2015
Thank you Top Shelf for the great service, Grade A Buds, and Great Low Prices. These guys are no joke folks, they really know what they are doing. Very Professional. I would absolutely recommedn Top Shelf to my family and friends.
August 13, 2015
Ron is the coolest guy I know! Super easy instructions and service
December 24, 2015
I love this place. Easy delivery with a very high quality product!
April 24, 2016
Thank you
March 23, 2019
Best delivery in the Bay Area in my opinion. Been getting my deliveries from top shelf the last 3 years. Quality of the products are great and customer service is awesome and answers questions or concerns you may have.
October 21, 2017
Been using this delivery service for around 6mo and I love every strain they’ve delivered. Great quality for the price!
June 9, 2019
Top Shelf lives up to their name! They have the best quality meds! From flower to wax and concentrates! I have never been disappointed with Top Shelf! I recommend this place to everyone!
October 19, 2020
Thank you for following my specific delivery requirements. Awesome !!
September 28, 2019
Top shelf is the best delivery service in SJ, hands down. I highly recommend their 10G deal and be sure to cop yourself some Gas Leak if you’re lucky enough to catch it! ⛽️🔥⛽️🔥⛽️🔥
August 5, 2015
Had a great experience. First time I had him deliver and it was great! Got a great deal for great concentrates from a cool dude! He went out of his way to come and deliver to Newark and when he showed up he was really cool and made it a relaxed environment for getting my meds. I will definitely be using this service again and have already recommended them to about three other friends in the area.
April 19, 2015
Top shelf for sure if you are looking for quality meds they got them just so happens to be at an amazing price got an oz of half alien og. And half 3x crazy both of them definatley top shelf best service in bay area.
June 30, 2019
I’ve been using Top Shelf Express delivery service for almost a year now. I have never had any issues with their service. Their customer service is responsive and they look for ways to get you discounts. The drivers are all professional and the product selection is great. Their customer service reps are knowledgeable and can make good recommendations if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for.
April 14, 2015
Just got a delivery from here today. By far the best delivery in the Bay Area. Their Granddaddy Purple and 3X Crazy are super fire. I highly recommend this place if you're looking to get super fire buds at a great price with great staff. Definitely my new go to spot, try this place out, you will not be disappointment. peace out and keep it lit y'all. P.S Super Fire Buds
November 29, 2015
This is a great seller--quick delivery of quality products. Ron's a great guy with longtime ties to the California grower community so you can be sure that what he's carrying really is top shelf stuff...guaranteed.
June 8, 2019
Great deliveries in the East Bay. Super prices on wax and a great edibles selection. I would definitely recommend.
April 28, 2015
I've tried all the strains & they were all great!