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CBD Coffee | 1/2 Pound | 20mg CBD/serving | Ground

THC 0.0mg
CBD 20.0mg
CBD Coffee | 1/2 Pound | 20mg CBD/serving | Ground
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About this product

An excellent choice for those who love their coffee, but want to cut down on the caffeine jitters and focus on their day. This coffee has also undergone extensive testing and has passed and included in the Maryland METRC System. It is certified free of all heavy metals, microbials, and all toxins. Now in a 1/2 pound bag of grounds beans! Benefits: CBD works with your body's endocannabinoid system to naturally promote homeostasis and overall physical and mental well-being. In addition to great taste, expected benefits may include: feeling calm and less anxious, feeling improved mood & outlook, and feeling more minor discomfort from achy muscles and joints. Including CBD coffee in your daily routine can help you wake up and feel great; it's a perfect way to complement your natural wellness routine. Serving Size: 20 mg CBD isolate per K-Cup. Third-party test result is post-brew 8 oz cup. Includes: 1/2 pound bag of CBD infused ground coffee Ingredients: Bold Dark Roast Coffee, Chicory, CBD Isolate

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