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Member OG

Strain rating:
THC 21.2%
CBD 0.0%
Member OG
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Trinidad's Higher Calling U
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About this product

Member OG, also known as “Member Kush” or “Member OG Kush,” is an indica dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa) created through crossing the delicious Member Berry 21 X Temple Kush strains. Best known for its super heady high, Member OG is a great choice for a lazy evening when you want to forget the stresses and anxieties you've been experiencing throughout the day. The high starts with a slow build of effects, creeping into your brain with a sense of foggy enveloping calm. You'll feel euphoric and stimulated in this unfocused state, falling in and out of fits of the giggles. A relaxing body high accompanies this heady stone, eventually locking you to the couch and dropping you into a state of sweet sleepy sedation. Thanks to these effects and its super high 20-25% average THC level, Member OG is often chosen to treat those patients suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, chronic stress or anxiety and depression. This bud has a sweet and sour citrusy lemon flavor with touches of spicy grape wine. The aroma is like a fresh and fruity grape wine accented by a punch of gassy diesel and sour citrusy lemon flowers. Member OG buds have small grape-shaped bright emerald green nugs with dark purple undertones, red-orange hairs and purple-tinted white crystal trichomes.

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