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2303 N Ponce De Leon Blvd, St. Augustine, FL
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Quality | 5
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Thank you David for your help. He helped me in Jax while training along with Dustin. Great tender and knows his stock. If you go to the St Augustine center make sure you ask for David. Every time I walk into a Trulieve I am impressed with the people. I wish I would have gotten everyones name at the front desk. Regis and the others deserve alot of credit for handling the flow in a very timely manner at the front. (The lobby is small) Also I would like to acknowledge Emily Wood she is a tremendous help as always when I have issues with placing a pick up order or have a question. Trulieve hires some great people and the ones at St Augustine and the one that answers my questions on social media (EMILY) are a enormis assets. Thank you guys for all you do for us as patients.! Keep up the great work. P.S. can I nominate Emily as employee of the year. Im a Truliever because of her.
Dispensary said:

Samabate, thank you for your incredibly kind words. We want to offer the absolute best customer service to our patients. Thanks for being a Truliever and we will see you soon!
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Quality | 5
Service | 3
Atmosphere | 3
The Trulieve products I have sampled are admirable in terms of quality—expensive, but par for the region. Email went out to customers of other Trulieve stores to invite them to the grand opening of the St. Augustine store on 1/14. They advertised 25% off for this day only & swag giveaways. I arrived a half hour after opening; the line was already out the door—very few seats in the tiny waiting room—and the wait was 1 & 1/2 to 2 hours, but they were offering to take MJID cards & slide you into the queue when you returned a couple hours later. I returned 2 1/2 hours later & waited about half an hour. They were out of one of the Trulieve standard products & offered no rain check on the discount. The so-called swag was a polyester tee-shirt; apparently they expect to bilk you further for coffee mugs or hats. Trulieve is the Starbucks of the medical MJ industry: The tip jars on the counters let you know the wait staff are just like baristas, low-paid and trained by Trulieve, not experts of any kind in the field of medical MJ. Everyone is pleasant and intends to be helpful, but if you need authoritative, reliable guidance about the specific, effective medical uses of MJ, Trulieve’s salespeople are very limited. That aside, this grand opening did not show the new store in a positive light. The Palm Coast store is much better set up to handle the volume of customers grumbling in St. Augustine today.
Dispensary said:

Manatee, thank you for taking the time to review our newest dispensary! Although our consultants are highly trained on products and the industry we legally cannot give any medical advice. That must come from your physician. We do understand that the wait times were very long at this location for our 25% off sale, but if you email and mention this review we will try and remedy this situation by extending the discount for the product you were searching for. We hope to hear from you!
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